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3.3 • 16 reviews

Luzette, a modern brasserie from the same owners as Riche, Sturehof, Teatergrillen and Taverna Brillo, is housed in historic premises in Stockholm's main railway station and it oozes classic grand central station vibes from early morning until late at night. The international atmosphere makes itself felt in the bar as well as the restaurant and it's the perfect spot to stop for a quick cup of coffee or glass of wine. If you're in a rush while waiting for a train, the restaurant has express seats.

The inspiration for Luzette comes from historic railway station brasseries such as those in Paris and New York. The listed premises are from 1871 and the walls and floor have retained their original features. The rest of the restaurant has been designed by the celebrated architect Jonas Bohlin using materials such as granite, marble, tiling and brass. The name is inspired by the iconic 'Luzette' ceiling lamp designed by Peter Behrens in the Twenties, a smaller version of which hangs in the restaurant now. Luz, which means light, also refers to the restaurant's wonderful natural light. Come in, take a seat and a pause from the hustle and bustle of Central station, whether you're travelling or not.

Days start early at Luzette with breakfast dishes such as scones, scrambled eggs and porridge. The menu then goes over to plat du jour and à la carte, inspired by classic European dishes. The distinctive rotisserie in the heart of the restaurant produces French-style roast chicken (also available as takeaway). They're open until midnight almost all week, which means you can grab a late supper or buy a meal to take with you on a long train journey. All in all there are 120 covers spread out over the dining room, a bar for quick visits, an al fresco dining area on Vasagatan and tables facing into the central railway hall. You can also book for parties of up to 40 people.

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15 Sep 2018

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Very nice restaurant, outside a lot of stress and fast feet to all trains and Buses. But when you come in you do not know of it, it was a good well-cooked burger in good taste, the pommes were good but could have been more crisp. The food was a glass of red wine that was fantastic good and the waitr... Show full »

26 Dec 2019

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Jag vill gilla Luzette mer än jag gör (antagligen 3.5 och inte 3), för lokalen är trevlig - ja, snygg i design t o m - och gillar känslan man får på tågstationer, men servicen svajar lite (bra ena gången, mindre bra nästa) och maten är bra m... Show full »

13 Nov 2018

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The decor-wow. Feels like I ended up on Orient or Titanic-you disappear in both time and space. The service-svajjig, different experience every time but overall good.
The food-what I had, has lived up to expectations. However, it was much better when they were just newly opened

Well, i... Show full »

7 Sep 2016

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Had it not been for the weary and easy nonchalante waiter, had the score been a four.
I ate an early dinner at the Brasserie's open-air restaurant, a Korean glass noodle salad with cilantro, pickled vegetables and Prime rib. The food was ok, not striking, but pretty much what I had expecte... Show full »

10 Feb 2019

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Personalen är stressad, ointresserad och har oerhört dålig tajming. I övrigt är det fint käk för att vara på en centralstation och inredningen är ju underbar va!

14 Dec 2017

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Love the decor. Only breakfast was delicious, but the room was clean and comfortable. Had I visited the centre more diligently, I would certainly have come back again.

12 Mar 2017

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Ate here about a year ago and went away delighted.

15 Sep 2017

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Nicely decorated, traditional food (minus for only one vegetarian option). For a blomkålsrätt which was tasty and nicely presented with beetroot purée, but not so satisfying. The whole atmosphere and the service was perhaps not as the warmest and most personal, but on the other han... Show full »

21 Sep 2015

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Very good and uppassande staff. The venue is impressive and the drink got its snacks was fresh slimy saltwater tasted balls in the Oyster Bar. Can be recommended.

23 Jan 2015

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For a late and spontaneous dinner at Luzette's yesterday. Got great reception on the phone, by she who received us, and above all by our waiter who was an extreme talent (looked to be under 25, but experienced as though he worked there for 30 years). Asked what he recommended which ended in tha... Show full »

9 Jun 2018

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Mycket bra alternativ när man är vid centralen. Normalt har maten varit väldigt bra. Ett minus vid ett antal tillfällen är den lite ointresserade personalen.

16 Jan 2016

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The mood and the atmosphere is surprisingly good considering the location of the central station. Even a breakfast more towards the Center is delightful, or aw. Fun Interior, friendly staff and good food.

22 Oct 2014

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Detta centralt belägna Rotisserie med så mycket mer lovar gott inför framtiden.

Svenska Brasserier, som står bakom bland annat Sturehof, öppnar nytt och det är tryggt, snyggt, proffsigt och bra. Jag hade inte väntat mig annat och det är därfö... Show full »

18 Mar 2018

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Besökt Luzette 2 gånger och båda gångerna har det varit utmärkt maten har alltid varit perfekt något som behövs på en järnvägsstation.

23 Jan 2015

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Good service and good against. Dishes of rotisseriet is a bit of their specialty and it shows, we tested both the chicken and the lamb and, above all, the chicken was really good. Have you passing so take a look.

25 Nov 2015

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Hefty staff, the maître d ' Hôtel. The girls were nice.
Råbiffen I bought was boring, not at all any stuns in it.
To them the prices can be way requirements.
Was there on 23/11/2015,

Reviews in the press

4 out of 5 · DN Krogkommissionen · 2018-03-09

“Det fransknordiska brasseriet på Stockholms centralstation har blivit en kulinarisk knutpunkt och är en bra plats att börja resan på.”

4 out of 6 · SvD Krogguiden · 2015-01-09

“Nu kan vi tänka oss att hänga på Stockholms central”

5 out of 6 · Nöjesguiden · 2014-11-26

“Proppmätta men med ett skriande behov efter något mer från rôtisseriet avslutar vi kvällen med en rôtistekt ananas, hedonistiskt serverad med kolasås och pekannötsströssel. En värdig avslutning innan det är tid för avgång, men vi bokar genast en öppen biljett för returresan.”