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Work-friendly cafés

The guide to study and work-friendly cafés in Gothenburg

Working with the entire city as your workspace is becoming more and more popular, and city-dwellers and visitors alike are choosing to swap their office or library for a welcoming café with wifi. Gothenburg is packed with fantastic cafés and most of them offer free wifi connectivity alongside great coffee. Whether you're bored of your study buddies, are looking for a change of scene, or just work best with a buzz in the background, we show you the way to the city's best café...

Electric scooters

Getting around Gothenburg - how to hire an electric scooter

Since electric scooters and electric bikes hit the streets of Gothenburg, it's never been easier to get around the city. Parking is as straightforward as getting from A to B - once you're done with your scooter you just leave it where you are with no need to worry about the risk of theft. With a simple app click you can also book a Vespa or rent an electric car - there have never been so many purse and planet-friendly modes of transport in our great city. Follow our guide to several smooth ways...

Gothenburg's best hotels

The guide to Gothenburg's best hotels

Whether you're visiting Gothenburg for the first time or enjoying a staycation, being pampered at a hotel is always a pleasure. Several hotels in Gothenburg offer luxurious package experiences and have top-notch restaurants, allowing you to stay "at home" for your entire stay. Why not check into an intimate boutique hotel or treat yourself to a spa treatment at the same time? Pack your bags and prepare for a stay full of spoiling relaxation. Here is our guide to Gothenburg's best hotels.


Gothenburg's best shopping

Gothenburg is famous for being a fantastic shopping destination with several different retail areas around town, all charming in their own way. The city offers everything from huge department stores to small stores with unique designs and flagship stores with exclusive ready-to-wear fashion. Wander around town and enjoy luxurious window shopping, visit charming independent shops or shop easily and efficiently in one of the major shopping centres. This guide leads you to everything from clothes a...

Cocktail bars

The guide to Gothenburg's best cocktail bars

A really fabulous cocktail is so much more than just a drink, it's a complete experience. Interest in cocktails is growing and Gothenburg has several bars which focus on mixologically advanced cocktails with exciting new flavours and trends. We guide you to Gothenburg's best cocktail bars, bars where cocktails take centre stage and the bartenders reign supreme. Take a deep dive into the world of Old Fashioneds, garnishes and bitters, or just enjoy the luxurious feeling a well-mixed cocktail in a...