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Gothenburg's best hotels

The guide to Gothenburg's best hotels

Whether you're visiting Gothenburg for the first time or enjoying a staycation, being pampered at a hotel is always a pleasure. Several hotels in Gothenburg offer luxurious package experiences and have top-notch restaurants, allowing you to stay "at home" for your entire stay. Why not check into an intimate boutique hotel or treat yourself to a spa treatment at the same time? Pack your bags and prepare for a stay full of spoiling relaxation. Here is our guide to Gothenburg's best hotels.


Where to find Gothenburg's best burgers

You don't need to travel across the Atlantic to find the ultimate hamburger - Gothenburg seriously delivers in this genre. Whether you're in the mood for a cheese-smoothered budget burger or a slightly posher variation, you're sure to find your favourite in the city. Follow our guide to finding a really great hamburger in Gothenburg.

Prawn sandwiches

Where to find Gothenburg's best prawn sandwich

For many, prawn sandwiches are synonymous with a visit to Gothenburg - if you're in town, you've got to eat at least one prawn sandwich. Opinions vary widely on how the perfect prawn sandwich should taste. Most agree on the basics - hand-peeled prawns, egg and mayonnaise - but after that it's a free for all. Traditional or with a modern twist? How much mayo? Salad or not? Classic rye bread or something lighter? We won't be drawn into that debate, but follow our guide to Gothenburg's best prawn s...

Cafés in Gothenburg

Gothenburg's best cafés

Fika is a Swedish word that means having a coffee and something to eat but, more than that, it's a social institution; these coffee breaks (preferably two a day) have an almost sacred place in Swedes' hearts. Of course you can always drink your coffee at home or at work, but nothing beats a creamy cappuccino at your favourite café, a freshly-baked cinnamon bun from the bakery on the corner, or a proper espresso amidst the meetings and emails. Gothenburg is packed with really great café...

Rooftop bars

Gothenburg's best rooftop bars

There's something really special about sipping a perfectly blended cocktail while you enjoy panoramic views from rooftop bars. There are several rooftop bars, roof terraces and sky bars to visit in Gothenburg, if you prefer hanging out at high altitude. Take the elevator up to renowned hotel bars, award-winning rooftop bars and hidden terraces with spectacular views. Follow our guide to fantastic rooftop bars in Gothenburg.