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Alfresco dining

The best outdoor dining areas in Gothenburg

When the city's outdoor dining areas start to open up around April 1st it means the summer season has begun. Gothenburg is full of fantastic spots with sunny alfresco areas, perfect for enjoying a summery lunch or a refreshing cocktail on a warm evening. More and more rooftop terraces open up each year, showing off the city from a new vantage point. This guide directs you to Gothenburg's best outdoor dining areas and roof terraces. You'll find both hidden gems and large, lively hangouts, so grab...

Winter activities

The guide to winter activities in Gothenburg

There's plenty to do in Gothenburg during the winter months, whether you want to get out into the open air, treat yourself to some rest and relaxation or find a fun indoor activity. There are plenty of lovely parks and recreation areas when you want to take a walk or enjoy winter activities, such as hurtling down a snow-covered hill on a sledge. If you'd rather stay indoors, perhaps a visit to a peaceful spa will banish those winter chills. Our guide includes tips for activities and things to do...


The guide to Gothenburg's best nightclubs

Whether you're a hardened clubber or in the mood for a rare night out while passing through town, it can be hard for even the most street-smart among us to find the right nightspot. To help guide you through the club jungle, we've collected Gothenburg's best nightclubs in one guide. We've summarised each club to give you an idea of the kind of music and atmopshere you can expect. Looking for brightly-coloured cocktails and salsa-sweaty dancefloors, house beats or Eurovision favourites? Follow ou...

Prawn sandwiches

Where to find Gothenburg's best prawn sandwich

For many, prawn sandwiches are synonymous with a visit to Gothenburg - if you're in town, you've got to eat at least one prawn sandwich. Opinions vary widely on how the perfect prawn sandwich should taste. Most agree on the basics - hand-peeled prawns, egg and mayonnaise - but after that it's a free for all. Traditional or with a modern twist? How much mayo? Salad or not? Classic rye bread or something lighter? We won't be drawn into that debate, but follow our guide to Gothenburg's best prawn s...

Cosy restaurants

The guide to Gothenburg's cosiest restaurants

When Gothenburg is being battered by storms and driving, horizontal rain, what could be better than holing up at a warm, cosy restaurant? Whatever the weather, it's always a treat to sit down to a beautifully laid table and be taken care of. We've selected the restaurants in Gothenburg that are particularly charming, snug and cosy - or mysig, as we say in Swedish. Follow our guide to all kinds of lovely spots for every possible occasion.