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The complete guide to activities in Stockholm

Figuring out what to do on your day off can seem like a daunting task - but fear not we have got it all figured out. There is an abundant array of activities and things to do in Stockholm, but choosing between them can be difficult. Therefore we have made it our mission to help you decide on what to do. Our guide to fun activities in Stockholm is devised to inspire and advise you. It is fit to burst with fun-packed activities for the whole family, corporate events and for those of you looking fo...


Where to find Stockholm's best vintage and second-hand shops

Second-hand is a fun and sustainable way to bag a bargain - but it's not always easy knowing where to look. To make your hunt a little easier, we've rounded up the best vintage boutiques in Stockholm, with masses of one-off, pre-loved clothes to add to your wardrobe. Södermalm is a well-known second-hand mecca, but Östermalm, Vasastan and other parts of town also have some real gems for anyone looking to shop second-hand and vintage in Stockholm.

Walks in Stockholm

Guide to lovely walks in Stockholm

Carefree days when you're free to wander around town exploring new places may just be the best kind of days. When you don't have a schedule to stick or, or somewhere you have to be. You take life as it comes and a breakfast can lead to a stroll, which can lead to lunch, a spot of spontaneous shopping and a cocktail in the city. If you're new to Stockholm or just looking for a new area to explore, we've put together some great city walks that include food, drinks, shopping and other experiences i...

Day trips

The guide to day trips outside Stockholm

In need of a change of scene? There are plenty of lovely places to visit just outside Stockholm. You don't need to travel more than an hour by car to find picturesque small towns, historical sites, idyllic archipelago islands, rolling countryside and magnificent castles. Naturally you can also travel to most of the places mentioned by bus, train or boat. From Roslagen north of the city to Trosa south of Stockholm, we've gathered together our best tips for outings outside the city in this guide.

Fun activities for children

Fun activities for children in Stockholm

Whether you're visiting Stockholm with your kids over the school holidays or you live here and are looking for new ideas, there are plenty of fun things for young people to do in the capital. Climb a climbing wall, try out amazing experiments, watch films on the big screen, swim in the open air or discover the city's yummiest ice cream. We've put together a guide to some of the best activities available for children and young people in Stockholm, from educational and exciting museums to ski slop...