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Archipelago restaurants

The Best Archipelago Restaurants in and around Stockholm

With its nearly 30 000 islands Stockholm's archipelago has a lot to offer, from the north to the south the islets and rocks each have their own characteristics. Beautiful scenery, nature, wildlife and believe it or not restaurants. Escape the bustling city and enjoy the calm and fresh air. Several restaurants are open all year round so no matter the season you can enjoy excellent food at breath-taking waterfront views. In our guide to the best archipelago restaurants in Stockholm you will find e...


The Best Hotels in Stockholm

Whether you are a tourist in Stockholm or inveterate local urbanite, a night at a hotel will do anyone good. Being a tourist in your own city is actually not as silly as it may sound. Take a weekend off to pamper yourself and a loved one at a great hotel in Stockholm. Why not relax at a spa, enjoy some wining and dining or shopping? Whilst you are at it - take the opportunity to better acquaint yourself with some of the sights. We have created this guide to the best hotels in Stockholm to help y...

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems in Stockholm

Stockholm's ever expanding restaurant scene is hotter than ever and the city is full of hidden gems, un-explored nooks and out-of-the-way surprises that should not be missed. Often cubbyhole-sized and off the beaten track, frequented by in-the-know regulars, the offering includes foodie-havens, small homely bistros and speakeasy-style joints. Fuelled by the modern-day desire for exclusivity our guide to hidden gems in Stockholm features some of the best-kept secrets in the city.

Swedish restaurants

The Best Swedish Restaurants in Stockholm

Meatballs, potato dumplings, herring and of course lingonberry jam - are all pillars of Swedish cuisine and popular additions to Stockholm's culinary offering. Both distinguished establishments and modern eateries pay homage to traditional Swedish delicacies, serving Isterband sausages, northern arctic char and smoked reindeer meat to name a few. This guide to the best Swedish restaurants in Stockholm was created to help you peruse the offerings and choose a restaurant to suit your fancy.

Wow factor restaurants

Wow Factor Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm boasts some truly spectacular restaurants, all of which possess a real wow factor. From super-trendy, contemporary concepts to wonderfully classic restaurants, Stockholm has truly outdone itself. Whether you're looking for somewhere seriously impressive or just in the mood for an evening of decadence with a dose of wow factor, we've got you covered. So as to help you peruse the offerings we have created this guide to impressive and wow factor restaurants in Stockholm.