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The guide to the best spas in Stockholm
The guide to classic restaurants in Stockholm
The guide to hidden gems in Stockholm
The best Asian restaurants in Stockholm
The best Italian restaurants in Stockholm


The Best Spas in Stockholm

Stockholm has a large selection of spas and wellness centres. Escape the bustling city and treat yourself to a spa-break - what could be more relaxing than a deep tissue massage, body scrub, facial and other spa treatments? Or simply enjoy a change of scenery; recline by the pool in a fluffy terrycloth bathrobe or break a sweat at the gym. A trip to the spa doesn't necessarily have to break the bank, Stockholm boasts of an abundance of spas at various pricing points. Book an exclusive spa weeken...

Classic restaurants

Classic Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm's restaurant scene is fit to burst with hip and trendy concepts. Therefore, it is particularly exciting to return to the classics - the most prestigious restaurants in Stockholm, that exude timeless elegance and tradition. We have sought out the absolute gems in an attempt to guide you to the best classic restaurants in Stockholm - with at least 25 years under their belt. Expect vaulted cellars dating back to the 1600s, bistros that have attracted the cultural elite for over a 100 year...

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems in Stockholm

Stockholm's ever expanding restaurant scene is hotter than ever and the city is full of hidden gems, un-explored nooks and out-of-the-way surprises that should not be missed. Often cubbyhole-sized and off the beaten track, frequented by in-the-know regulars, the offering includes foodie-havens, small homely bistros and speakeasy-style joints. Fuelled by the modern-day desire for exclusivity our guide to hidden gems in Stockholm features some of the best-kept secrets in the city.

Asian restaurants

The Best Asian Restaurants in Stockholm

Asian cuisine - sometimes associated with cheap and sticky sweet-n-sour sauce, metallic lucky cats and stale fortune cookies, but more often than not; exotic and flavoursome dishes with an innovative fusion twist. Stockholm houses an abundance of Asian restaurants; opulent Chinese temple-style restaurants, sleek fusion concepts, Japanese fast food diners and trendy Vietnamese eateries. So as to help you peruse the offerings we have created this guide to the best Asian restaurants in Stockholm.

Italian restaurants

The Best Italian Restaurants in Stockholm

Pasta and pizza in all their glory are not the only components of Italian cuisine; it has so much more to offer. Despite Stockholm's geographical position it hosts an abundance of excellent Italian restaurants ranging from distinguished establishments where traditional homemade food is served to chic, modern eateries with an experimental edge. So as to help you navigate Stockholm's culinary offering we have created this guide to the best Italian restaurants in Stockholm.