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The guide to the best hotels in Stockholm
Guide to wow-factor restaurants in Stockholm
The guide to classic restaurants in Stockholm
The guide to the best shopping in Stockholm
The guide to the best nightclubs in Stockholm


The Best Hotels in Stockholm

Whether you are a tourist in Stockholm or inveterate local urbanite, a night at a hotel will do anyone good. Being a tourist in your own city is actually not as silly as it may sound. Take a weekend off to pamper yourself and a loved one at a great hotel in Stockholm. Why not relax at a spa, enjoy some wining and dining or shopping? Whilst you are at it - take the opportunity to better acquaint yourself with some of the sights. We have created this guide to the best hotels in Stockholm to help y...

Wow-factor restaurants

Wow Factor Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm boasts some truly spectacular restaurants, all of which possess a real wow factor. From super-trendy, contemporary concepts to wonderfully classic restaurants, Stockholm has truly outdone itself. Whether you're looking for somewhere seriously impressive or just in the mood for an evening of decadence with a strong dose of wow factor, we've got you covered. So as to help you peruse the offerings we've created this guide to impressive and wow-factor restaurants in Stockholm.

Classic restaurants

Classic Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm's restaurant scene is fit to burst with hip and trendy concepts. Therefore, it is particularly exciting to return to the classics - the most prestigious restaurants in Stockholm, that exude timeless elegance and tradition. We have sought out the absolute gems in an attempt to guide you to the best classic restaurants in Stockholm - with at least 25 years under their belt. Expect vaulted cellars dating back to the 1600s, bistros that have attracted the cultural elite for over a 100 year...

Best shopping

The Best Shopping in Stockholm

Stockholm is renowned for being one of the most fashionable cities in the world and is an excellent shopping destination. You will find contemporary Scandinavian aesthetics and up-and-coming designers alongside high-street fashion labels and luxurious powerhouses. To help you navigate through this maze, we have compiled the best shopping areas, department stores, boutiques and hidden gems - a little something for everyone. Happy hunting!


The Best Nightclubs in Stockholm

Fancy a night out with friends, great music and drinks? Despite Sweden's strict alchohol laws, Stockholm is famous for its bustling nightlife scene. The city hosts numerous watering holes, upscale clubs and industrial-style venues for some serious dance floor action. So as to help to decide where to go we have created this guide to the best nightclubs in Stockholm.