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The guide to Malmö's best spas

There aren't many things that will refresh and re-energise your body and soul as quickly as a peaceful timeout at a spa, and Malmö has some wonderful oases to choose from when you're in need of some serious pampering. A deep body scrub, relaxing massage or invigorating spa treatment for your face or body sounds like a dream when you're in desperate need of a pause from the stresses and strains of everyday life in the city. We've rounded up the very best spa options in and outside Malmö...

Activities in Malmö

The guide to Malmö's best activities

Fancy alternating lazy days with energetic activities or gathering together a group of friends for an adventure in the heart of the city? Malmö has plenty of activity options for when you're in the mood for doing something fun and active. Whether you want to make the most of the sun with outdoor activities or hide from the rain with exciting indoor activities, there's something for all moods and occasions, both in and outside the city. Here is our guide to the best activities Malmö has...

Electric scooters

Getting around in Malmö - how to hire an electric scooter

During the past year Malmö has undergone a major transformation when it comes to the best and quickest ways of getting around the city. The introduction of electric scooters onto the market has revolutionised the way both tourists and locals travel from A to B. These days you'll see people of all ages cruising around the streets on scooters, from street-styled teenagers to middle-aged, besuited businesspeople on their way to their next meeting. Naturally we've also included an alternative f...

Hotels in Malmö

The guide to Malmö's best hotels

Whether you're just passing through the city or you live in Malmö and are planning a spoiling staycation, a night or two in a really great hotel is always a good idea. Malmö has masses of fantastic hotels boasting first-class facilities and central locations close to the city's squares, restaurants and cultural spots. We also list a couple of budget options at the end of the guide which offer good quality at more wallet-friendly prices. Follow our guide to Malmö's best hotels.

Hot restaurants

Malmö's hottest restaurants at the moment

With so much happening on the Malmö restaurant scene it can be hard to keep track of all the hottest must-visits. But never fear, we've got our finger firmly on the pulse. From Michelin-starred restaurants and foodie favourites to hidden gems - these are the restaurants you shouldn't miss when you're in Malmö. Naturally, we update the guide regularly so you can be sure you'll never miss out on the very latest buzzy joints.