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Al fresco dining

The guide to Uppsala's best al fresco dining

When spring starts springing it's a shame to waste any precious good weather sitting indoors. Warm evenings and long, light Nordic nights ensure both food and drink tastes better al fresco. Outdoor dining areas popping up on streets and in courtyards are as sure a sign of spring in Uppsala as anemones and Valborg. To help you find the hidden gems around the city and alongside the Fyris river, follow our guide to Uppsala's best al fresco dining.


The guide to Uppsala's best hairdressers

A great hairdresser should treat your hair the way you want, but also be able to see the potential in your crowning glory and give you tips and advice on how to update and maintain your style. Craftsmanship and skill is at least as important as an awareness of trends and fashions. Getting on with your hairstylist on a personal level is also a major plus. But finding a hairdresser you trust and feel comfortable with isn't always easy, particularly if you're just passing through town. To help you...


The complete guide to activities in Uppsala

Looking for something fun to do with family, friends or work colleagues, or have you got a special occasion to celebrate? It's not always easy knowing what to do in a new city, particularly if you're just passing through. We've made the job a little easier for you by gathering together some of the best indoor and outdoor activities in Uppsala in one handy guide. You'll find plenty of fun, thrilling and challenging things to do, but also plenty of tips for cultural and more relaxing activities. H...

Lunch in Uppsala

Where to find the best lunch in Uppsala

Uppsala's lunch offering has never been as extensive and varied as it is today, but it can still be hard to find the right restaurant when hunger starts to set in. Whether you're looking for a restaurant for a long business lunch, a hole in the wall for something quick and tasty on the run or some good old-fashioned Swedish homecooking, the city has plenty of options. To find them, just follow our guide to our favourite lunch spots in Uppsala.


The guide to Uppsala's best brunch

What would a great weekend be without brunch? As the culmination of a long Sunday morning, a vital pick-me-up after a late Friday night, or just as an excuse to eat waffles and scrambled eggs on the same plate, brunch is hard to beat. Since globalisation introduced Swedes to this fantastic American import, brunch has become ever more popular. Who can resist a fully loaded buffet combining the best of breakfast and lunch dishes? For the ultimate weekend luxury, follow our guide to Uppsala's best...