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Surfers is a restaurant and bar on Norrlandsgatan 24, City/Östermalm/Norrmalm in Stockholm.


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26 Jul 2018

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I have previously visited Surfers in Visby, and have since loved their food. They have really made me love Chinese and Sichuan. Now It was a visit to Stockholm, where they camped in the Bumblebee during the summer (not on the Government Street) but with all the same concept.

Here you can j... Show full »

16 May 2021

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Nice environment and good food but not wow. Maybe two dishes out of seven that were wow but the rest was just good. We had to wait a good while before we could order drinks. In the end, we had to ask for menus and order drinks ourselves and my company that ordered the champagne was turned off. So n... Show full »

16 Jan 2020

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Surfers do it again! 

One of my favorite restaurants in Stockholm. In their food there is a lot of taste and you get an incredible amount for the money. This time we chose to bring in six dishes on three people, it was enough – very full and satisfied after our visit! ... Show full »

10 Dec 2015 · Updated

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Fun place, special and pleasant atmosphere. Food-wise, it was both highs and lows, but in summary it can be said that it is of course well-prepared food and that some dishes are hits but that have still a little difficulty with the Chinese flavors. The Wonton dumplings were really good, and the shri... Show full »

13 Mar 2019

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I tested their pop-up in the Bumblebee last summer, which made me start daydreaming about their Auspicious räkbollar! To relieve abstinence, a table was booked at the Surfers.

The Decor is kitschy and cheerful and the atmosphere is just lovely. A mix of couples, friends, afterworkare,... Show full »

14 Feb 2021

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Trevlig inredning, trevlig bar, god o varierande meny. Bäst att sitta i främre rummet eller paraply rummet. Superba drinkar!

3 Feb 2020

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En knapp 3:a
De har skapat en väldigt schysst Atmosfär att käka i. Maten smakade bra men det mesta hade lagats så det var torrt. Torra revbenspjäll, torra räkbollar, tråkig fläsksida i pita. Alldeles för torr pita med för lite fyllning. En ok g... Show full »

29 Jan 2021

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Godare asiatisk mat hittar du inte. Väldigt fin restaurang med otroligt trevlig personal, hit bara MÅSTE du gå om du befinner dig i Stockholm.

29 Dec 2018

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For Surfers, you go as soon as you manage To get a table-regardless Of time or day.
Surfers is a safe card for really good Sezchuan food and knowledgeable service.
Do not Miss the ribs that you will crave and talk about until you eat them again during your next visit. Definitely don't M... Show full »

4 Mar 2020

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Oj Oj Oj!! Vilket ställe!
Fullkomligt ÄLSKAR surfers! Stämningen, personalen, maten, drinkarna och lokalen. Allt är på topp!!
När man kommer in så vet man inte riktigt om man är på en strandbar eller ett litet kryp in i kina. Atmosfären... Show full »

5 Feb 2019

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Incredibly Tasty and tasty. Umamibomber! We took in a bunch of dishes that became a good combination between strong, sweet and sour. Friendly staff. A plus because we could get Quorn instead of chicken in one of the rights.

6 Jun 2016 · Updated

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Speciella drinkar med många nya smaker och kombinationer. Maten var god och bra alternativ för både vegetarianer och veganer! Härlig stämning och känsla. Väl värt ett besök!

21 Feb 2019

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Första gången jag var där igår och det var verkligen ett himla mysigt ställe: supergod mat, bra service och prisvärt!! what’s not to like? Vi var 6 tjejer, delade på 7 rätter och det var perfekt! Jag ska helt säkert tillbaka :-)

22 Jan 2020

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Det här är stället för dig som gillar smakrik mat med mycket hetta! Här dominerar gärna sischuanpepparn och sharing style är ledordet! Surfers själva rekommenderar att ta in lite av varje och dela hejvilt, här serveras maten mitt från bordet. Servi... Show full »

15 Apr 2015

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Jag förväntade mig mer.

Surfers i Visby slog igenom med ett brak för ett par år sedan. Fantastisk Sichuanmat och rejält med drag flera dagar i veckan tillsammans med bra personal gjorde Surfers till mångas favorit, min med.

Så kom dagen det kom... Show full »

19 Mar 2019

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Stockholms bästa restaurang!!

28 Nov 2018

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Galet god mat, fantastiskt goda drinkar och härlig personal!

23 Oct 2015

Great Sichuan cuisine served in a wonderful environment by an attentive and polite wait staff. The restaurant operates in a small-plate method, where you pick a few dishes that look interesting and they portion it out based on the number of people in your company. Sadly this leads to pricing not rea... Show full »

5 Aug 2016

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Personal som tar engagemang till en ny nivå (och projektleder er måltid för optimal smakupplevelse), bra drinkar och relativt prisvärt. Vi plockade in 3-4 rätter per person och blev rejält mätta (efterrätt överflödigt). En av de bättre asiatis... Show full »

16 Nov 2015

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Good food, drinks that fit well to the strong food and pig nice restaurant.

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