Where to go for fabulous non-alcoholic cocktails in Stockholm

The information in this guide may be affected by covid-19.

Having a dry month, health-conscious, pregnant or teetotal? Just because you don't drink alcohol doesn't mean you can't go to pubs and bars. Plenty of bars and restaurants in Stockholm mix up delicious mocktails and other alcohol-free drinks for anyone who wants to avoid alcohol, and some raise mocktail mixology to the next level. Follow our guide to Stockholm's best virgin cocktails alcohol-free drinks for great nights out that you'll remember the next morning.



Brunkebergstorg 9, City/Norrmalm

Oasis of wellbeing

In the wellness area and cocktail lounge on Downtown Campers top floor you can take care of yourself while enjoying the spectacular view. Relax, wind down and have a nutritious mocktail, smoothie or juice in the tranquil rooftop bar. They also serve alcoholic cocktails if you prefer.


Norrlandsgatan 24, City/Östermalm/Norrmalm

Feeling fruity

With branches in Visby, Gotland and Stockholm, Surfers has created a name for itself for its Sichuan-inspired dishes and fruity drinks. Cocktails are flavoured with fresh fruit and can all be made without alcohol. Perfect for anyone looking for a slightly more inspired drink but without the booze.


Hornsbruksgatan 24, Södermalm/Hornstull

Cocktail favourite

This award-winning, and extremely popular, cocktail bar in Hornstull doesn't mess around when it comes to alcohol-free options. They mix a range of refreshing and fruity virgin drinks made with ingredients such as coconut, ginger and grapefruit. Suddenly Dry January seems rather more appealing...

Fotografiska Restaurang

Stora Tullhuset Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Södermalm

Green is good

Combine a photographic exhibition with something to drink in the Museum of Photography's award-winning restaurant. Their passion for plant-based, organic ingredients applies equally to drinks and they serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including a popular alcohol-free drinks package, alongside their food.


Sankt Eriksgatan 102, Vasastan

Playful and prize-winning

This playful bar in Vasastan started out by serving only juice-based drinks, but soon after added alcohol to their concept. Since then they've won several prizes including the Bartender's Choice Awards. If you want an alcohol-free evening, they're happy to mix up a 0% version of any of their usual cocktails on demand.


Götgatan 36, Södermalm

Asian influences

Sushi, drinks at the bar and socialising are the main draws at popular Ljunggren next to the Brunogallerian shopping arcade in Södermalm. Hang out by the bar and quench your thirst with one of their selected "virgins", made with berries and exotic fruit.


Tulegatan 7, Vasastan

Posh mocktails

As well as well-blended cocktails, this high-end Asian restaurant serves mocktails that are at least as good. With an Asian touch, naturally. Their bar food is a top tip for anyone who fancies some tasty bites to go with their drinks...


Brunkebergstorg 4, City/Norrmalm

Japanese flavours and fantastic views

Fourteen floors up from Brunkebergstorg, drink non-alcoholic cocktails with Japanese flavours as you admire the views from the bar at Tak. The cocktail menu has several alcohol-free options and you can combine them with food from Tak's Råbar.