The best places in Stockholm to buy a suit

In Stockholm, the suit has become a indicator of style, sophistication and character; an item of clothing you don't have to save for special occasions. But finding the perfect suit which reflects out your personality and is comfortable at the same time demands a little thought. After all, a new suit is no ordinary clothes purchase, it's a special investment. With this guide to Stockholm's best suit shops you'll find just the right one.

Lund & Lund

Sturegatan 12, Östermalm

A tribute to classic tailoring

With a passion for tailoring Lund & Lund counts among the city's best gentlemen's outfitters. You'll find three-piece suits, shiny shoes and straight-up ties. Their customer base consists of both young men with an interest in well-dressed fashion as well as older gentlemen who choose to buy their formalwear uniform (suit) here.

Rose & Born

Grevgatan 2, Östermalm

British tradition meets Italian playfulness

Grevgatan's very own gentlemen's outfitters Rose & Born stock a range that has its roots firmly in classic British menswear, but there are also hints of Italian passion and flashes of colour. Among the boutique's hand-picked items of clothing you'll find jackets, shirts and suits made by small family firms in Italy. 


Kungsgatan 38, Norrmalm/City

Tips and advice from a veteran

With over a hundred years on the clock, Ströms is a safe bet for anyone looking for something stylish or a little more casual, and they have plenty of suits. The selection is broad and ranges from the timeless to the slightly more modern. The shop places a great emphasis on service and can help you navigate the jungle that is menswear.


NK Man

Hamngatan 18-20 (NK), Norrmalm/City

Exclusive suits in classic department store

NK Man furnishes style-conscious men with classic items of clothing such as suits and dress shirts. The large area and the broad range of brands makes hunting for the ultimate suit that much easier. NK also offers a tailoring service for anyone wanting to take in or alter their jacket.


Humlegårdsgatan 14, Östermalm

Design your own suit

Douglas specialises in made-to-measure. They offer a range of premium suit and shirt fabrics that the customer can choose a one-off suit for their tailors to make up.


Nybrogatan 14, Östermalm


Gabucci on Nybrogatan are specialists in Italian menswear. If you're not looking for edgy tailoring or daring cuts, this is the place to come fortimeless and classic good quality wool suits.


2 addresses

Modern menswear

There are plenty of good reasons for fashion-conscious men with a particular interest in style to visit Jupiter. The store can be found at three addresses and you can browse through smart modern gear and exclusive accessories. The staff have a passion for formalwear and keep up to date with current international trends. You'll get tips and advice on styles and fit. 


S:t Eriksgatan 39, Kungsholmen

Great customer relations and extensive knowledge

Hugo on S:t Eriksgatan has built up a relationship with the city's fashion-conscious men for over 30 years. And customer relations are a top priority here. Browse among everything from formal garments and suits to clothes that verge more on the casual. 

Hans Allde

Birger Jarlsgatan 58, Östermalm/Vasastan

Classic-cut tailors

You'll find this classic gentlemen's outfitters at Birger Jarlsgatan 58, the same address since it opened in 1949. You can be sure of finding a suit, dark suit, tailcoat or dinner jacket, tailored in the traditional way, interlined with horsehair and canvas.


3 addresses

Wide selection of major brands

Thernlunds multi-brand stores have several branches around the city. And as a chain they're proud of offering a wide range of brand as well as a tailoring service. The staff are knowledgeable so if you would like help or advice when you're looking for a suit that suits your style and shape - just ask.

Concept stores with a good selection of suits

5 addresses

We would primarily recommend one of the multi-brand stores above but the following concept stores may also be of interest if you're looking for a suit from a specific designer.