Guide to the best sushi in Stockholm

Jiro may dream of sushi, but it is safe to say that Stockholm natives are also hooked. Stockholm may have a sushi restaurant on every other block, but quality and freshness vary widely. Beyond the world of black plastic trays and too-salty soy sauce, there exists a selective clique of top-quality sushi bars to rival the revered masters in the East. Whether you're on the look out for a fancy establishment or casual sushi joint we've got you covered. To be sure you're savouring only the very best we've compiled a list to the best sushi in Stockholm. Get out your chopsticks and enjoy.

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Roppongi: Casual yet ambitious
Roppongi serves exquisite sushi beautifully presented, with emphasis on quality produce the menu boasts of innovative sushi, delectable sashimi as well as gyoza and tempura. The pared back, minimalistic interior enhances the experience.
Price: 11 pieces about 115 SEK (takeaway), 195 SEK (dinner menu)
More information: Roppongi, Hantverkargatan 76, Kungsholmen


Råkultur: Nordic sushi
Sollevi's lifestyle concept houses three amazing restaurants; Råkultur is one of them. An ambitious, slightly more casual alternative to the Michelin-star restaurant Esperanto Råkultur serves Scandinavian-style sushi. Guests are invited to choose from an exciting array of pickled mackerel, Swedish squid and beetroot-salted halibut to name a few.
Price: 11 pieces about 133 SEK (lunch menu), 165 SEK (dinner menu)
More information: Råkultur, Kungstensgatan 2, Östermalm

Ljunggren: Exotic fusion
Located in Brunogallerian this popular fusion restaurant pays tribute to its Asian heritage. The Far Eastern influences are apparent in both in the decor and fine dining-style sushi menu. Adjacent Råbaren has embraced the raw food trend, specialising in gastro raw food and Nordic sashimi.
Price: 9 pieces about 134 SEK (lunch menu), 8 pieces about 155 SEK (dinner menu)
More information: Ljunggren, Götgatan 36, Södermalm


Hattori Sushi Devil: Sushi and Izakaya
The abundance of choice and exciting flavour combinations personifies Hattori Sushi Devil. Sushi is made to order from the finest ingredients, the menu boasts of over 20 different kinds of fish. The casual ambiance makes it ideal for both lunch and dinner.
Price: 11 pieces about 99 SEK (lunch menu), 155 SEK (dinner menu)
More information: Hattori Sushi Devil, Tegnérgatan 43, Vasastan

Akki Sushi: Literally a hole in the wall
Don't be fooled, despite its drab exterior and not-so-charming location next to Medborgarplatsen's subway station Akki is one of this city's most acclaimed sushi joints. This hole in the wall is tiny to say the least; so takeaway is often the only viable option. Akki's second location offers slightly more seating opportunities.
Price: 9 pieces about 105 SEK, 13 pieces about 135 SEK
More information: Akki Sushi, Folkungagatan 45, Södermalm
More information: Akki Sushi Hornstull, Hornstulls galleria, Södermalm

Sushi Sho: Sushi Tokyo-style
Sushi Sho is an Edomae-style sushi bar and is undeniably an interesting addition to Stockholm's culinary scene. With its distinct Tokyo-vibes, artisanal soya sauce and sake and innovative sushi creations Sushi Sho is a must for the sushi connoisseur.
Price: 14 pieces about 160 SEK
More information: Sushi Sho, Upplandsgatan 45, Vasastan

Itamae Sushi & Itamae Izakaya: Traditional yet innovative
Despite its small size, Itamae has perfected the art of sushi making with emphasis on quality produce. The Izakaya restaurant is a slightly more luxurious version with innovative flavour combinations. Itamae Thai Style is also part of the family.
Price: 11 pieces about 99 SEK in the sushi bar, 12 pieces about 149 SEK at Izakaya
More information: Itamae Sushi, Odengatan 62, Vasastan
More information: Itamae Izakaya, Odengatan 106, Vasastan

Holy Monkey Tolv: Asian street food
Tolv Stockholm houses multiple restaurants and entertainment venues; Holy Monkey is one of them. This on-trend Asian-inspired eatery serves Japanese street food and sushi. The decor is reminiscent of the Far East with wood detailing and Japanese designs.
Price: Unknown
More information: Holy Monkey Tolv, Arenavägen 69, Globen

Holy Monkey

Sushi Koyama: Delicious and affordable sushi
Order your sushi at the bar; Sushi Koyama prides itself with fresh fish and the finest ingredients. The extensive menu offers signature dishes such as the immensely popular seared salmon. High quality sushi, affordable pricing point and prime location - it doesn't get better than that.
Price: 13 pieces about 110 SEK
More information: Sushi Koyama, Mäster Samuelsgatan 10, City

Lokal Izakaya: Casual fine dining
This sleek, sophisticated restaurant has embraced the concept of izakaya - a modern take on Japanese street food. The elegant decor pays homage to Lokal Izakaya's Asian heritage. With emphasis on local and organic produce, the menu borders on fine dining with delectable sushi and other exotic dishes.
Price: Maki about 95/185 SEK
More information: Lokal Izakaya, Scheelegatan 8, Kungsholmen

Lokal Izakaya

Raw: A balance between East and West
Raw's Japanese and European sensibilities translate seamlessly from the sleek interior to the cuisine. The food is predominantly raw - hence the name - the menu features abundance of sushi and sashimi, as well as other dishes.
Price: 12 pieces about 204 SEK, 124 SEK (large sushi, lunch menu)
More information: Raw Sushi & Grill, Rörstrandsgatan 9, Vasastan

East: Modern Asian fusion vibes
This hip modern concept blends a restaurant, bar and nightclub. The restaurant fuses influences from Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand, catering to a wide audience; the menu naturally offers a selection of sushi choices.
Price: 10 Pieces about 160 SEK (medium, lunch), 12 pieces about 243 SEK (classic, dinner)
More information: East, Stureplan 13, Östermalm

Blue Light Yokohama: Japanese pub culture
This on-trend, award-winning restaurant fuses traditional Japanese cuisine with modern Izakaya fast food culture. The contemporary eatery's extensive menu features an abundance of sushi and other delectable dishes as well as sake.
Price: 8 pieces (chefs choice) about 139 SEK, sushi roll 10 pieces about 119 SEK
More information: Blue Light Yokohama, Åsögatan 170, Södermalm

Svenska Sushiköket: Well worth a hike
In imminent need of getting your sushi fix? Svenska Sushiköket offers respite for sushi-addicts outside of the city. The casual joint offers qualitative sushi at a reasonable price.
Price: 9 pieces about 90 SEK
More information: Svenska Sushiköket Midsommarkransen, Tellusborgsvägen 76, Söderort
More information: Svenska Sushiköket Gröndal, Gröndalsvägen 23, Gröndal

Ki-Mama Sushi: Your local joint
Choose this sushi joint for its casual accessibility. Ki-Mama has embraced it Japanese theme complete with lucky cats and bamboo detailing. The menu offers a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi and other exotic dishes.
Price: 11 pieces about 110 SEK
More information: Ki-Mama Sushi, Observatoriegatan 13, Vasastan

Tokyo Diner: Food court gem
Tokyo Diner located in Hötorgshallen offers a culinary trip to Tokyo - hence the name. The joint seamlessly blends metropolitan vibes with its food court setting. Settle down in the bar at watch chefs at work in the open kitchen. Apart from sushi, the menu features noodles and tempura.
Price: 11 pieces about 135 SEK (takeaway 125 SEK)
More information: Tokyo Diner, Hötorgshallen, City

Tezukuri sushi: Innovative and exotic
Tezukuri is well worth its much-hyped reputation and the wait. The extensive menu offers sushi with an experimental edge, seafood and vegetarian options as well as its signature Tezukuri Roll with tempura-fried prawns.
Price: 11 pieces about 110 SEK
More information: Tezukuri sushi, Hammarby Kaj 38, Hammarby

Sushikungen: Suburbial sushi joint
With emphasis on quality and fresh produce Sushikungen caters to a wide audience. Order at the bar and observe chefs at work in the open kitchen. Choose from luxurious salmon sushi, temaki and vegetarian options.
Price: 10 pieces about 125 SEK
More information: Sushikungen, Tangentvägen 2, Söderort

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