The guide to the best pizza in Stockholm

Can't live without your monthly, weekly or daily doses of pizza - no judgement - neither can we. Stockholm boasts an abundance of pizza restaurants, regardless you're in the mood for wafer-thin or thicker crust, extra sauce or more cheese, simple-and-plain or loaded with toppings. The offering ranges from sleek industrial-style pizza restaurants to casual joints NYC-style. We just so happen to be self-taught pizza connoisseurs and have done the not-so-painstaking work of narrowing it down the best pizza in Stockholm for you.

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Dell'attore: Theatrical flair
Dell'attore is considered to be one of Stockholm's best pizzerias. The restaurant's theatrical influences are apparent in the decor with glamorous movie star posters and cinema seats, paying tribute to the owner's background as an actor. The intimate space fills up quickly so be sure to book a table.
Price: From about 95 SEK
More information: Dell'attore, Skeppargatan 60, Östermalm

Giro: Traditional yet innovative
Giro is the result of collaboration between Miss Clara and Da Michele, one of the oldest pizzerias in the world. Through the use of a unique leavening method their signature pizza dough is freshly made everyday, topped with San Marzano tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella. The decor pays homage to the restaurants genuine Italian heritage.
Price: From about 139 SEK
More information: Giro, Sveagatan 46, City

Crispy Pizza Bistro: Sharing is caring
This industrial-chic pizza joint focuses on local quality produce and innovative flavour combinations. Pizza is sliced and served on large platters - ideal for sharing. The experimental menu features poultry, meat and vegetarian options.
Price: From about 85 SEK
More information: Crispy Pizza Bistro, Upplandsgatan 45, Vasastan

Crispy Pizza

Pane Vino: One stop to Naples
Pane Vino is a bold addition to the otherwise rather dreary neighbourhood around Zinkensdamm. Genuine thin-crust pizza, reminiscent of Naples, is baked in the wood-fired pizza oven. With its generous opening hours and relaxed ambiance, Pane Vino appeals to a wide audience.
Price: From about 115 SEK
More information: Pane Vino, Brännkyrkagatan 93, Södermalm

Pane Vino

CGs Streetfood: Well worth a hike
CGs is an ambitious fast food joint well worth a detour to the suburbs. The pizza oven is specially imported from Italy, toppings range from classic combinations to innovative variations such as 'hot shrimp'. The secret behind any great pizza is of course the dough - which took 4 years to develop.
Price: From about 65 SEK
More information: CGs Streetfood, Sunnanängsvägen 1b, Danderyd

CGs Streetfood

Due Fratelli: Classic Italian charm
This quaint family-owned restaurant exudes authentic Italian charm, complete with red and white-checkered tablecloths. Satisfy your cravings with Due Fratelli's classic award-winning pizzas.
Price: From about 79 SEK (take away from about 70 SEK)
More information: Due Fratelli, Birger Jarlsgatan 95, Vasastan

Delibruket Flatbread: On-trend suburbial flatbread
Located in an old water tower in Sunbyberg, Delibruket is a pizza-mecca for connoisseurs. Neapolitan flatbread-pizza made from the finest local ingredients with innovative toppings such as farm chicken and pulled pork. Slake your thirst with artisanal beer from local breweries.
Price: From 95 SEK
More information: Delibruket Flatbread, Bergsgatan 1 (Vattentornet), Sundbyberg

Delibruket Flatbread

Enzo's: Italian trattoria meets sports bar
Enzo's fuses a classic trattoria-feel with a relaxed sports bar ambiance and is considered to serve some of the best pizzas in the city. Reasonably priced, with a wafer-thin crust and a generous heaping of cheese and tomatoes.
Price: From about 95 SEK
More information: Enzo's Hornstull, Långholmsgatan 17-21, Hornstull
More information: Enzo's Tolv
, Arenavägen 69 (Arenan), Johanneshov

Grappa Matsal & Bar: Popular and bustling
Grappa is synonymous with its dramatic red and black decor. This popular establishment appeals to a wide audience. The classic Italian menu features pasta, Italian specialties and of-course pizza. The outdoor terrace is a popular haunt in the summertime.
Price: From about 110 SEK
More information: Grappa Matsal & Bar, St. Eriksgatan 86, Vasastan


Il Tempo: Genuine Neapolitan vibes
This Italian tavern has been a popular hangout since the 90's. Il Tempo and is famous for its wood-fired pizza oven and colour-popping red art-deco wallpaper. The kitchen fuses rustic Tuscan flavours with metropolitan influences.
Price: From about 149 SEK
More information: Il Tempo, Högbergsgatan 40, Södermalm

Il Forno da Gino: Satisfy your pizza-cravings
ll Forno da Gino is a popular addition to Stockholm's culinary offering. The menu features sophisticated Italian fare such as homemade pasta and not-your-ordinary pizza. The relaxed ambiance makes Il Forna ideal for casual hangouts.
Price: From about 86 SEK
More information: Il Forno da Gino, Fridhemsgatan 41, Kungsholmen

Rimini: Wafer-thin delight
Rimini is famous for its delectable thin-crust pizzas with fresh ingredients and creamy buffalo mozzarella. Feeling adventurous? The menu features innovative flavour sensations to tickle your fancy.
Price: From about 95 SEK (takeaway from 67 SEK)
More information: Rimini, Hornsgatan 148, Södermalm

Pizzahatt: A clever play on words
Do not despair, Pizzahatt bears no resemblance to its fast-food namesake - it is merely an ingenious plays on words. The restaurant has however embraced the concept of trendy pizzas. The rustic, industrial-style decor and open kitchen enhance the relaxed ambiance.
Price: From about 100 SEK
More information: Pizzahatt, Upplandsgatan 9B, City

Vapiano: Contemporary fast-food concept
This innovative concept fuses classic Italian specialties with fast food accessibility at an affordable pricing point. Queue up - made to order dishes are created behind the counter upon request. Offerings range from homemade pasta and salads to luxurious thin-crust pizza from the finest ingredients.
Price: From about 80 SEK
More information: Vapiano Gamla Stan, Vapiano Kungsbron, Vapiano Skrapan, Vapiano Stureplan

Pizzeria il Forno Vedugnen: A hidden gem
Despite its slightly anonymous location, this hidden gem is a popular haunt. The intimate tavern pays homage to its Italian heritage with bare brick walls, red-checkered table and candlelight. Its famous homemade pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven.
Price: From about 74 SEK
More information: Pizzeria il Forno Vedugnen, Atlasgatan 9, Vasastan

450 Gradi: Neapolitan trip to the suburbs
Get your pizza fix at 450 Gradi, well worth a trip to suburbial Lidingö. Famous for its Neapolitan pizzas baked at exactly 450 degrees is a special oven - the only of its kind in Scandinavia. The restaurant's lunch buffet is great weekday alternative.
Price: From about 100 SEK
More information: 450 Gradi, Jupitervägen 30, Lidingö

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About the guide to the best pizza in Stockholm
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