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Prime Burger Company Birger Jarlsgatan

3.8 • 5 reviews


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29 Jan 2019 · Updated

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Jag blir aldrig missnöjd när jag besöker Prime. Goda burgare och krispiga pommes. Personalen är också alltid skön, men inte för skön.

13 Mar 2018

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Älskar Prime Burger! Riktigt goda, saftiga burgare med stor variation. Extra plus för att det finns många sides att välja mellan. God milkshake och trevlig personal! Toppen helt enkelt.

22 Dec 2014 · Updated

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In the case of a pure cheeseburgers, I think both the Phils, Flipping and Burger Bistro is straw sharper. But if you're looking for a little grisigare Burger, with assorted toppings and sauces as is Prime masters according to me. I usually do take a bacon cheese burger with extra pulled pork an... Show full »

29 Apr 2016

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Have had very mixed experiences here, but would not say it's perfectly ok. The burgers are doing, but the service and the details have a way to go to approved.

25 Dec 2014

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One of the best hamburgehaken! American-diner inspired with brick walls and colorful chairs.
The burgers are juicy and crispy pommes, that you get to tryffelmayo is a big plus in the edge. You shall not leave the place without having tested their jordgubbsmilkshake, it is magical!

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8 Oct 2019

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Jag förstår inte att när folk ska tycka till om nt måste de överdriva . Ida: just ” älskar prima... Adam : ” aldrig missnöjd...
Bra burgare och prisvärd, gillar atmosfären o bra service.