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Flippin' Burgers Observatorie­gatan

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Flippin' Burgers Observatorie­gatan

Flippin' Burgers opened up their doors to huge fanfare in 2012 and they've been massively popular and hyped ever since. The small premises, and the fact that they don't take reservations, means it's generally packed but that doesn't stop hungry burger fans from queuing outside the door to get their hands on one of their coveted hamburgers.

Despite the hype, the concept at Flippin' Burgers is actually very simple. They serve no-frills burgers, handmade from scratch. A great deal of thought has gone into every part of the burger - from the meat from organic, small-scale meat producers to organic burger buns from Magnus Johansson Bageri & Konditori. Burgers are served in laid-back American diner-style surroundings with wooden, tile and leather details and naturally the menu also includes vegetarian options, gluten-free burger buns and thick milkshakes.

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  • Photo from Flippin' Burgers Observatorie­gatan by Adam L.
  • Photo from Flippin' Burgers Observatorie­gatan by Adam L.
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24 Sep 2019

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Never understood the hype with Flippin. Sure, they're well balanced, but it's not good when it gets dry. Must therefore recommend always taking double meat! There we have a strong four-pointer!

Yes, there's two double Flippin in the picture and yes, I ate both!

29 May 2017 · Updated

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Okay, now I give myself. Flippin is best. Started with disappointment, both burgers and waiting time. Now, many burgers later, I know when to come and what to take. Pommes has gotten better, the burgers are usually perfection, colan ice cold and the service is always great. There are many Burger res... Show full »

18 Sep 2018

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Be there visiting with a good friend I haven't met in a long time. We both ordered a burger whose name I unfortunately repressed, in short it was a fanciful burger with a well balanced ratio of meat versus bread, vegetables and dressing. Terrible good, a bit like combining home grilled and fine... Show full »

9 Nov 2018

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Clearly the city's best burger. The hype is still a hype if you look at the constant sex that encircles the flippin burgers. and deliver them? 100%. Easy to queue for, but just arrived at the opening to guarantee a place.
American diner Feeling, good brugare, cruel pommes, good milkshake a... Show full »

13 Nov 2019

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Jag har svårt att skilja på alla de bättre burgarställena, Flippin är absolut med i toppen helt enkelt. Det är dessutom en härlig lokal och med rimligt extrautrymme för att kunna vänta på hämtmat eller bord med en öl eller milkshake i ha... Show full »

1 Nov 2018 · Updated

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Hal Believe the hype.
and barrels have shared first place when it comes to best STHLM burger.

Unable to reserve a table and it is always queued and waiting endlessly.
You don't want to see me hangry so therefore I end up very seldom here.

pommes a... Show full »

Listed in: Burgers
15 Feb 2018 · Updated

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Absolut magiskt kött, slår alla andra på fingrarna, men... Jag tycker att det blir lite tråkigt när det är så lite pålägg. Jag vill gärna mycket smaker så för mig så räcker inte hela vägen. Får testa Vego-burgare... Show full »

1 Dec 2017 · Updated

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Very tasty vegetarian burger although I think halloumi or soy Burger is a better choice than one made with beans. A plus is that it has the same choice as the other burgers and just switch out the meat, and not all of the accessories.

23 Jan 2019

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Brukar drömma om dom här hamburgarna..

1 Mar 2019

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Alla känner väl till det redan, men de har en av stans bästa burgare. Sköljs gärna ned med någon glassdrink.

20 Feb 2019

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Snudd på femma men kan inte ge det till restauranger där de är tvungna att steka igenom köttet, tyvärr. I övrigt toppklass på allt.

12 Aug 2021

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Hade jag skrivit en recension när jag var där första gången hade det varit en solklar femma. Ibland, när det inte är så mycket folk, levererar de nästan på den nivån. Men, fortfarande riktigt smarriga burgare. Dragonmajonnäsen är bä... Show full »

10 Jun 2019

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Tror jag hade lite för höga förväntningar, då många säger att deras burgare är sthlm bästa. Det var en god burgare och pommes men saknade det lilla extra.

6 Apr 2019

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Man får helt enkelt chansa! Går inte att boka bord här utan endast drop in. Vid 20 tiden en fredagskväll hoppades jag på att vi skulle ha lite tur. Fick vänta 15 min och vi var 2 i sällskap. Tog en drink i baren medan vi väntade. Beställde en fransk ci... Show full »

29 Apr 2016

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Flippin ' playing according to me in their own division. No other place in town gets to the meat as well. It's simple, it's really good Burger and the concept is coherent. The staff is super. To say that place is hajpat (in the negative sense), when after all these years still have qu... Show full »

10 Feb 2019

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Den glutenfria burgaren är inte värd mer än en trea i betyg, Barrells har bättre burgare. Men enligt mina burgarvänner är det vanliga brödet toppen och får bättre betyg än det märkligt bruna glutenfria brödet. Pompan är okej, inte mer... Show full »

9 Sep 2019

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Favorit som håller stilen! Levande exempel på att less is more. Återkommer ofta och gärna.

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27 Jan 2018

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My first visit at Flippin became a Friday night after work Löningen weekend, so it was quite understandable that some people and some waiting time. We were told quickly if we can wait 30-40 minutes and can grab a beer at the bar so long. We had an appointment but took the risk and beat us down... Show full »

23 Mar 2018

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Gick snabbt att få bord vid lunchruschen, runt 10 minuter väntetid i baren.

Väldigt goda burgare med ett gott och saftigt bröd! Varit här ett antal gånger nu och aldrig blivit besviken. Absolut en av de bättre burgarna jag ätit!

Dock konst... Show full »

21 Oct 2018 · Updated

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Älskar detta ställe. Burgarna är verkligen top-notch och helt i min smak.

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