The best art galleries in Stockholm

Fancy seeing an art show this weekend but no idea where to go? Well look no further, Stockholm boasts an abundance of art galleries and exhibitions showcasing both Swedish and international talents, contemporary artists and established pioneers. Stockholm's cultural art scene is thriving with a little something for everyone. The offering includes traditional paintings, photography, installations, performance art and graffiti. Looking at great art needn't cost the same as buying great art. We've put together a comprehensive guide to the best art galleries in Stockholm to help you really zone in on the city's cultural core.

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Wetterling Gallery: Reputable reputation
Wetterling Gallery has been catering to art-lovers since 1978 and is one of Scandinavia's most prominent galleries. During recent years, more Swedish talent has been showcased - both up-and-coming and established artists. The gallery focuses upon paintings, photography and sculptures.
More information: Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården 3, City

Andréhn-Schiptjenko: A contemporary art pioneer
Since the 1990's founders Cilene Andréhn and Marina Schiptjenk have enhanced Stockholm's art scene, introducing several major players. Famous artists have had their big break-through here, and the gallery's exhibitions attract a wide audience.
More information: Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Hudiksvallsgatan 8, Vasastan

Lars Bohman Gallery: The largest in the city
Stockholm's largest gallery boasts abundance of contemporary art by both international superstars and Swedish talents such as Lars Lerin and Ernst Billgren (also known as Wilhelm von Kröckert). The offering includes paintings, motions pictures and sculptures.
More information: Lars Bohman Gallery, Karlavägen 16, Östermalm

Gallery Steinsland Berliner: Street art
This gallery prides itself with a carefully curated collection of street art, exhibiting the works of New York artist Neck Face and Dash Snow (curated by Leo Fitzpatrick from the movie Kids) for example. Steinsland Berliner appeals to a younger audience eager to view performance art as well as paintings.
More information: Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Bondegatan 70, Södermalm

Galleri Andersson/Sandström: International big shot
With 500 square meters at its disposal, next to a courtyard in Vasastan's gallery district, Andersson/Sandström exhibits an exciting assortment of contemporary international artists, both famous and unknown. Louise Bourgeois is just one of the many creatives to have showcased their work there.
More information: Galleri Andersson/Sandström, Hudiksvallsgatan 6, Vasastan

Young Art: Potentially affordable creativity
For art buffs unable to purchase the object of their desires in traditional galleries, Young Art is answer. With emphasis on young artists - no surprises there - everything from interior details, to stationary and book covers are sold.
More information: Young Art, Hudiksvallsgatan 48, Vasastan

Galleri Flach: A creative bridge been the North and Africa
Galleri Flach is also located in Vasastan’s gallery district. Contemporary artists are highlighted with a wide scope of art forms. Flach differentiates itself from its peers though its partnerships, introducing talented artists from Africa.
More information: Galleri Flach, Hälsingegatan 43, Vasastan

Designgalleriet: On-trend design
Since opening in 2008, Designgalleriet showcases both Swedish and international design, featuring everything from fashion to furnishings and art. Segments of the offering are exhibited in the shop window at the intersection of Götgatan and Folkungagatan.
More information: Designgalleriet, Kammakargatan 52, Vasastan

Gun Gallery: Stylish and worldly photo art
This sophisticated gallery in Östermalm boasts a carefully curated selection of photography from both Swedish and international talents. Photography books are also for sale - the perfect conversation piece for your coffee table.
More information: Gun Gallery, Runebergsgatan 3, Östermalm

Galerie Nordenhake: Famous art collector
Galerie Nordenhake has been around since the 70's and has amassed quite a reputation for itself. Since the 90's they also have a branch in Berlin. The gallery exhibits popular international and domestic artists and participates in all major art fairs.
More information: Galerie Nordenhake, Hudiksvallsgatan 8, Vasastan

Belenius/Nordenhake: Modern power players
Belenius and Nordenhake are two relatively young gallery owners who focus on contemporary artists such as Ilya Kari Lampinen and Willem Andersson. But they also set the scene for older predecessors, exploring fields such as performance art and spoken word.
More information: Belenius/Nordenhake, Jakobs torg 3, City

Snickarbacken 7: A symbiosis of coffee and art
Snickarbacken 7 fuses art, fashion and interior design with a stylish cafe in a refurbished stable from the 1800's, smack in the middle of the city. The art offering includes drawings and photographs selected by the photo agency Getty Images, featuring current events and news highlights from around the world.
More information: Snickarbacken 7, Snickarbacken 7, City

YellowKorner: Budget-friendly photo art
The boutique inside MOOD Stockholm is a dream come true for art buffs that want their walls covered with the works of famous photographers but can't afford one-of-a-kind pieces. Larger volume = lower prices. The offering ranges from nature to fashion and is available in numerous different formats.
More information: YellowKorner, Regeringsgatan 48 (Mood), City

Artipelag: Nautical inspirations
Artipelag is a popular contemporary art destination beautifully located by the sea. The venue boasts art gallery, boutique and restaurant as well as conference facilities. Botanise among the transitional art collections and pop into the Artipelag Gallery if you feel like taking a piece with you home.
More information: Artipelag, Artipelagstigen 1, Värmdö


Affordable Art Fair - Scandinavia's largest art fair
Affordable Art Fair is welcome addition to Stockholm's art scene. Both Swedish and international galleries are present, showcasing talent from up-and-coming as well as famous artists. The price ranges from 500 - 50 000 SEK per piece. Graffiti extraordinaire Banksy has been among the exhibited artists.
For more information about the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm click here

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