Guide to Stockholm's best tattoo studios

These days, tattoos are more the rule than the exception on the streets of Stockholm. Almost every Stockholmer is inked and new tattoo parlours are constantly popping up. The modern tattoo trend hasn't just attracted a completely new clientele - the banker, hipster and Södermalm mother, for example - but also a whole new generation of tattoo artists. Many tattoo artists these days are trained in art or graphic design, resulting in totally new styles and trends. Follow our guide to some of Stockholm's best tattoo studios, where you're guaranteed to come away with the tattoo you've always dreamed of.

Catapult Tattoo

Falugatan 24, Vasastan

Where Slash got his tat

Rock icon Slash got tattooed here during his last visit to Stockholm, and both Fabbe and Emilia took part in the show "Master Ink" which was shown on Swedish TV in 2012. At Catapult Tattoo you can get a tattoo in all different styles, both the studio experiments a lot with watercolour motifs and does gorgeous portraits.

King Carlos Tattoo

Sankt Eriksgatan 70, Vasastan

The design that got to go on the vodka bottle

Right before you get to Sankt Eriksbron, on the Vasastan side, you'll find this studio run by Calle and Snynnöve Corson together with tattooists Maria, Jonny, Malin and Leigh. Malin's old-school design was chosen to grace the Swedish Good ol' Sailor vodka brand's distinctive bottle.

Imperial Tattoo

Birkagatan 14, Vasastan

Skilled team in the heart of Birkastan

On Birkagatan you'll find Imperial Tattoo, which opened in 2011. If you're looking for a particular motif, they specialise in old-school, Japanese and black and grey styles, to which they add their own personal touch. You can count on an experienced, skilled team of tattoo artists. 


Gröndalsvägen 23, Gröndal/Hägersten-Liljeholmen

Ink alternative outside the city centre

For anyone who's happy to travel outside the city centre, Bläckbyrån in Gröndal is a good option. You can get a tattoo done in most styles here and the tattoo design is always drawn from scratch exactly as you want it. Bläckbyran is a short walk from Liljeholmen's underground station.

Kollektivet Hvitan

Katarina Bangata 47, Södermalm

Skilled Södermalm salon

Olle Alm, who previously worked at East Street Tattoo in Skanstull, can now be found plying his trade at Kollektivet Hvitan on Södermalm. Olle works in various styles, but the emphasis is primarily on traditional types of tattoos.


East Street Tattoo

Ölandsgatan 50, Södermalm/Skanstull

Guest artists from all over the world

East Street Tattoo is a custom studio which has seen some of Sweden's best tattooists pass through its doors. The studio regularly invites artists from all over the world for guest appearances. which means there's a chance you could get inked by an international talent without having to travel abroad.

Art Arrow Tattoo Stockholm

Sigtunagatan 13, Vasastan

Pros at realism and freestyle

Sasa Tkalcevic, who runs this studio on Sigtunagatan, is an experienced tattoo artist who specialises in realism and freestyle. As well as tattooing, he's passionate about painting and you can see his works hung on the walls.

Deepwood Tattoo

Eslövsvägen 4

Creative studio

If you're looking for something a bit different from the classic tattoo styles try Deepwood Tattoo in Björkhagen, just a few minutes outside Södermalm.They work with innovative and creative motifs and all their tattoo artists have their own unique style. Book via email or via each tattoo artist's personal Instagram account.