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Yellow, on the Jakobergsgatan stretch of restaurants in the city centre, focuses on innovative chicken dishes and top notch ingredients, combined with creative cocktails. Filmon Michael, a member of the dance group Bounce and formerly a club promoter at Sturecompagniet, is the man behind the concept.

If you love chicken, and care about where it comes from, you should steer a course up Jakobsbergsgatan from Regeringsgatan. Yellow serves chicken dishes made from ingredients from selected organic Swedish farms. The menu includes chicken from the rotisserie, as well as crispy chicken, Caesar salad and vegetarian alternatives and various accompaniments. The concept is inspired by Filmon's travels to New York, Miami and Costa Rica, among other places.

Their mission is to create a fantastic experience and a world of contrasts, with a great atmosphere at all times. White tablecloths and stiff formality have been rejected in favour of a modern, pared-back industrial style with black furniture, concrete and glowing neon signs. Meet up over an innovative cocktail blended from rum and mango in the cocktail bar, which also serves wine, selected beers and non-alcoholic alternatives.



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3 Nov 2018

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Great location. You go down one floor and down there is the lively atmosphere, many afterwork guests. (Outside the restaurant there is a sign that invites you to AW, for good prices). We were placed in the bar, which is my favorite place. Behind the bar was the kitchen, so you could watch when the c... Show full »

12 Nov 2018

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A little special place, Yellow. Right so much people to be midweek. Pretty loud music, not my taste perhaps but still nice, and the AW-mood was quite palpable. Nothing for those who are looking for something quiet, which I myself rarely are. So I liked it. We had to sit in the bar against the chefs,... Show full »

28 Sep 2018

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The staff were very helpful. Ordered their "Mango Russian" which I think is their signaturdrink-cruel! This was definitely a highlight of the visit, absolutely one of the tastiest drinks I tasted. It became one of it!

Ate snacks in the form of chips and dip, good and easy. Then we... Show full »

11 Apr 2018

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It's starting to happen stuff on Jakobsbergsgatan! Visited the latest addition Yellow which has a chicken concept. In addition to chips, dip, ravioli, roast chicken, potatoes, corn cobs, lettuce, Sorbs and Monk, I got into me type the tastiest drink I ever drank – could be hanging here ex... Show full »

24 Sep 2018

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Just had dinner once but thought it was good. You can compose your meal a little as you want and also share with the company. The different chicken dish was generally good, but thought almost the accessories were the most interesting. Also good cocktails here

25 Apr 2019 · Updated

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Kyckling i olika former! Varit så nyfiken på detta ställe då jag kikat på menyn tidigare när de öppnades men aldrig varit här först nu idag. Fanns uteplatser men det var för kallt för det idag. Ligger på Jakobsbergsgatan och eftersom j... Show full »

11 Jul 2019

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Yellow är ett skönt ställe som sticker ut med sin meny med endast kyckling i massa olika former. Det är ett relativt litet ställe med en skön vibe.

Vi satt vid baren och åt och då fick man samtidigt se när maten tillagades. Vi valde varsin fri... Show full »

26 Sep 2018

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Måste gå tillbaka hit. Anledningen till varför jag ger stället en 3/5 är främst pga att de glömde bort oss. Jag var på dejtkväll där planen var att äta god mat för att sedan gå på bio. Vi anlände till restaurangen dä... Show full »

26 Sep 2020

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Förvarning för dig som gäst, välj en annan restaurang!
Väldigt trångt och högljutt, dessutom otrevliga vakter vid kvällstid.

Du kommer inte att ångra dig!

5 Sep 2020

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Vi hade en bokning kl 21, när vi kommer fram säger servitrisen ”vänta där”. Detta respekterar jag och mitt sällskap. När vi efter 10 minuter frågar om status (dvs ska vi vänta 10 min eller 30 min) får vi som svar av en ung tjej ”Nu få... Show full »

2 Mar 2019

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Grym service, skön musik, GALET GOD mat, 5/5 om inte mer. Rekommenderar för dejt, fördelsedagsfirande eller vanlig fredagsmiddag. Ät Mac n cheese ni kommer inte ångra er.