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Pancho Villa

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Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa, close to Zinkensdamm, serves Mexican dishes and hamburgers in Mexican-inspired surroundings. You can also come by for a cold beer and let yourself be transported to warm Mexican climes.

Pancho Villa is a Finnish restaurant chain which has now opened up in Södermalm, Stockholm. Mexican food is the order of the day, with favourite dishes such as soft tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas and grilled dishes served alongsde various burgers and salads. You'll find several "special hamburgers" on the menu, and a range of sauces and dips. You can also choose from Mexican platters, which include a selection of dishes to share with your group, as well as ice cream and sorbet for dessert. At lunchtime they serve a large taco buffet.

The atmosphere is just as Mexican as the menu - the entire restaurant is decorated in Mexican style, with cactuses, sombreros and rustic wooden banquettes, perfect for sharing with groups of friends or family. You can drop by Pancho Villa for a cold beer, glass of wine or a cocktail at the bar, and if you're just a little peckish you'll find a few lighter options, such as nachos, on the menu.


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13 Jul 2018

Great mexican style food and burgers!