The best places in Stockholm to enjoy traditional Swedish fika

If you haven't come across the word "Fika" (pronounced fee-ka) yet, you probably haven't been in Stockholm very long. Fika is both a noun and a verb meaning to have a coffee break at home or in a café, preferably accompanied by something to eat and ideally twice a day. But it's about more than just drinking coffee (although Swedes are definitely keen on that element of it), it's an integral part of Swedish culture. While many nationalities grab their coffee standing up or on the go, sitting down for a while and having a catch-up with friends or colleagues is an essential part of the fika ritual. Although drinking a matcha latte and eating a rawfood ball definitely counts as fika, follow our guide to Stockholm's best cosy, old-fashioned cafés and classic konditoris where you can get a cup of black filter coffee and a cinnamon bun or some home-baked biscuits for a truly authentic, old-school fika experience.