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Stationen is a restaurant, café and bar on Olof Palmes plats 6, Centrum in Uppsala.


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22 Aug 2018

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Love this place! Fantastic premises! Good wine, good champagne, great shrimp sandwiches. It is equally wonderful to sit both inside and out! Works equally well for lunch as for dinner! Really nice!

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10 Apr 2019

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Stor restaurang och uteservering precis vid Centralstationen. God mat och dryck. Rekommenderas.

19 Feb 2018

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I love to luxury it on the holidays and this was a perfect place for just that. We were 4personer who ordered afternoon tea. It is so appreciated to avoid leaving the table to pick from a buffet, the whole experience is enhanced when you get a stand for the table. It was very småplock to choos... Show full »

28 Feb 2019

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Visited the Station just before me and a couple of colleagues would off on the cruise. It was a quick visit but it left a surprisingly strong impression.

The Food was good, during lunch there were two options (vegetarian and non-vego). I drove on Zucchinibiffarna with tzatziki, arugula, fet... Show full »

31 Aug 2020

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Trött mat och samma dryckesutbud som på resterande Svenssons krogar.
Synd att Svenssons har fått tagit så mycket mark i Uppsala så man inte kan hålla kvaliteten uppe..

29 Dec 2019

I like the atmosphere of this place!Even though I have been a lot of times in Uppsala I”d never been there.So this Christmas we went all the family together and we really had a great time! If you visit Uppsala you have to go there!

3 Mar 2019

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Personalen glömde bort vår beställning så vi fic0. När maten väl kom så var min mat dessutom ljummen och smaklös. Den mysiga miljön bär inte upp ett sånt misslyckande från personalen.

17 May 2016

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Incredibly nice decor in the "Parisian Brasserie ' and extra fun when you get to sit outside on the" platform "where the tanks are taken to a luxury restaurant car of yesteryear. Good menu and good food that is neatly kept. However, I think we can expect much more of the flavors... Show full »