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The Best Pizza in Stockholm

Can't live without your monthly, weekly or daily doses of pizza - no judgement - neither can we. Stockholm boasts an abundance of pizza restaurants, regardless you're in the mood for wafer-thin or thicker crust, extra sauce or more cheese, simple-and-plain or loaded with toppings. The offering ranges from sleek industrial-style pizza restaurants to casual joints NYC-style. We just so happen to be self-taught pizza connoisseurs and have done the not-so-painstaking work of narrowing it down the be...

Hamburger Joints

The Best Hamburger Joints in Stockholm

This American fast food classic has received a fair deal of bad press over the years. However its somewhat tarnished reputation has been redeemed in light of all the gourmet-style burger joints that have popped up lately. Stockholm has embraced this trend and houses an abundance of great hamburger joints, retro-chic diners and NYC-cool eateries. A juicy medium-rare burger, freshly baked brioche bread and crispy French fries washed down with a creamy milkshake - what could be better? So as to hel...


The Best Brunch in Stockholm

Brunch is pretty much a Stockholm institution, but navigating Stockholm's plethora of restaurants, especially when you're dealing with the probable weekend hangover and hunger pangs, can be hard. Therefore we've taken it upon ourselves to guide you to the best restaurants that combine our favourite meals - breakfast and lunch - to create something even more fabulous: brunch. Forget about brunch buffets, we're talking à la carte featuring everything from eggs benedict to diner-style Americ...

Wow factor restaurants

Wow Factor Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm boasts some truly spectacular restaurants, all of which possess a real wow factor. From super-trendy, contemporary concepts to wonderfully classic restaurants, Stockholm has truly outdone itself. Whether you're looking for somewhere seriously impressive or just in the mood for an evening of decadence with a dose of wow factor, we've got you covered. So as to help you peruse the offerings we have created this guide to impressive and wow factor restaurants in Stockholm. You may also lik...

Interior design

The Best Interior Design Shops in Stockholm

There's no place like home - or so the saying goes. Hence the process of decorating your humble or not-so abode is an important task, make sure its furnished with a hefty dose of both style and function. Adding a personal touch, with unique pieces is the key to success. Whether you let your home evolve organically or choose a coordinated all-at-the-same time solution - we've got you covered. In our guide to the best interior design shops in Stockholm we've listed our favourite design boutiques a...

Erik T.

Erik T. updated the list

  1. Adam/Albin
  2. Restaurang AG
  3. Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren
Erik T.

Erik T. updated the list

  1. Nook
  2. Tjoget
  3. Teatern
Jacob H.

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Restauranger runt mig
  1. Ai Ramen
  2. Punk Royale
  3. Nook
Jacob H.

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Mer än bara god mat
  1. Imouto
  2. Punk Royale Café
  3. Sushi Sho
Kim E.

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  1. Haymarket by Scandic
  2. Nobis Hotel
  3. Hotel Diplomat
Kim E.

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  1. Wedholms Fisk
  2. Milles
  3. Strandvägen 1
Pontus G.

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  1. O'Learys Event Center Tolv Stockholm
  2. Rival Bar & Bistro
  3. Questrooms - Room Escape Game
Fredrik J.

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Bra lunch
  1. The Plant - Food that works
  2. Raamen
  3. Caos
Emma R.

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  1. Garage del Gusto
  2. Den gamle och havet
  3. Döden i grytan