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Växthuset is a restaurant and bar on Hammarby Slussväg 2, Skanstull/Södermalm in Stockholm.


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12 May 2020

interesting way to prepare dishes <3 I recommend

13 Apr 2019 · Updated

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Was unfortunately greatly undervastd by the Greenhouse. On paper it sounds perfectly perfect for me: whole vegetarian, just tasting, a bit strange location adjacent to a nightclub and 100 meters from home. Should be perfect but I think both my expectations and the restaurant's ambitions were to... Show full »

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9 Dec 2017

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The Greenhouse is innovative in the whole vegetarian (vegan) kitchen with its focus on Nordic food. They run tasting menus with interesting flavours, many tricky touches of locally produced (read Swedish) ingredients and have an interesting wine list with natural wines as well as a drink menu with e... Show full »