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Rolfs Kök

23 reviews
Rolfs Kök

With its no-frills philosophy and robust Swedish food, Rolfs Kök is a classic institution. Catering to a large audience since the 80's, Rolfs Kök's niche remains the same to this day with its dedication to quality produce and ingredients.

The minimalistic venue with its earthy tones and hanging chairs blends contemporary functionality and timeless elegance. Observe chefs at work through the open kitchen. The menu features traditional dishes with emphasis on meat; naturally vegetarian options are also part of the offering.

Despite the restaurant's high ambitions the ambiance is unpretentious and relaxed, setting the scene for relaxed hangouts.


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2 Jul 2020

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Käkat här några gånger nu och som relativt nybliven vegetarian är jag inte helt övertygad. Om ni äter kött är det verkligen toppen. Aldrig gått härifrån missnöjd som köttätare men kvällens pasta var verkligen inte i... Show full »

8 Aug 2019

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I was here and ate lunch one day and it was a very well cooked lunch with good and fresh flavors. Also very good service for lunch. Lunch is in the more expensive price range but definitely worth it from the quality of the food! We come back!

25 Dec 2014 · Updated

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One of Stockholm's modern classics is Rolfs Kök. Lunch, I have eaten a few times now, and have been satisfied or very satisfied each time. Soup and bread is included in the price (£ 139, I have for me). I've eaten dinner here twice and one time was good but the second time we we... Show full »

17 Mar 2020

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Åt lunch här med jobbet, det var gott och bra service, men tyckte inte det var wow! Skulle dock vilja testa komma hit på kvällen.

18 Jun 2020

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Vällagad middag med Familjen. Då är Rolfs Kök absolut ett bra alternativ för dig.

Varmrätten med Oxkind vad 5 av 5. Så otroligt gott. Alla i sällskapet tog olika varmrätter och alla var supernöjda.

6 Feb 2019

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I made my first visit here during a lunch, and it was a very positive experience. We got a good table a bit into the room, so it was very quiet and you could converse with each other without problems. The Service was at its peak, and we were well-suited at just the right times.

I ordered a... Show full »

29 Apr 2018

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A classic that always delivers high-level. Traditional menu that you never tire of.

28 Aug 2017

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Perhaps the city's best lunch spot! The concept of soup with really tasty food is great! Is as close as 5 of 5 possible without to reach there, it falls on the volatility of the lunch menu that makes it a bit too often fail to live up to the absolute top quality 5 stars.

8 May 2016

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A classic to go here. Pretty crowded and close between the tables, but it has its charms. The food is great and their beef cheeks with truffle and potato purée should be tried if you like something fruity.

29 Apr 2016

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Bra och god mat, mycket bra lunchstället.

4 May 2016

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We were lucky enough to get a table here late one Saturday night and brought in some real classics. Oxkinden was fantastic and potatispurén to tasted like a little piece of heaven. Had easily taken with me a doggy-bag in the shape of a bucket.

Only minus was that the food almost came... Show full »

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6 Jul 2015

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I've been at Rolf's kitchen a handful of times and still I wonder if their good reputation. The place is okay-it's certainly nice atmosphere-but the food is not good and the price is too high. Two of the two times I've managed to get the entrecote that barely edible, räksall... Show full »

12 Nov 2018

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Bra lunchställe!

10 Jul 2019

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Rolfs det säkra valet! Alltid lika bra & trevligt. Menyn varierar efter säsong. Har alltid varit min favorit på stan! 👏

26 Mar 2015

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I have eaten at Rolf's kitchen 2 times and not been satisfied either of them. I understand that I have had bad luck both times I've been there, then everyone else thinks the restaurant is fantastic.
Our waitress was ignorant, forgot about my main course, gave my friend wrong main cour... Show full »

28 Apr 2014

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Bästa Rolfs kök, jag kommer alltid tillbaka till er. Det öppnar alltid nya ställen, många fantastiska, men ni levererar alltid!

Standard är följande: Söndag kväll och utan inspiration till att laga mat. Lösningen är att ta sig till Rof... Show full »

26 Mar 2015

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A classic favorite in Stockholm. I have eaten many lunches here and love to a soup always is part of the daily specials. Good prices for such a high standard in both food, personnel and real towels as napkins. They are incredibly popular and to reserve a table in advance is a must. Despite this, a g... Show full »

13 Jul 2016

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En extremt jämn hög nivå på maten. Altid nöjd med servicen som är korrekt.

31 May 2015

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Is very Office which means that I often go to here for lunch. Although it's really hard to get a table so I am going back again and again. I, I think that their lunch is really really good!

11 Aug 2016

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Kunnigare personal får du leta efter. Galet bra mat!

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Reviews in the press

5 out of 6 · SvD Krogguiden · 2015-05-13

“Rolfs kök är stället som bara finns där. Det var länge sedan det rådde någon hajp. Men borden fylls till sista plats – nästan varje kväll. Och kvalitén håller.”

4 out of 5 · Metro · 2014-04-25

“Rolfs Kök är fortfarande relevant.”

4 out of 5 · Mitt i Gourmand · 2013-12-06

4 out of 5 · Mitt i Gourmé · 2013-12-06

“Sedan de var här sist har det blivit gott om ställen som serverar chosefritt och kompetent tillagade klassiker med twist. Men Rolfs kök står sig väl i konkurrensen.”

4 out of 5 · Aftonbladet · 2009-11-06

“Rolfs kök har blivit en modern klassiker, en av de där Stockholmsattraktionerna man tar som självklar. Varje gång vi återvänder påminns vi om varför stället blivit så långlivat och fyller 20 i år.”

5 out of 5 · Metro · 2009-08-27

“Alla gånger jag ätit middag på Rolfs kök har varit betydelsefulla.", "Personalen och den berömda inredningen är så proffsig och liksom dynamiskt töjbar att krogen tycks forma sig efter gästens dagsform: dejt med flickvän, skådis eller mormor – som arrangör till sådana möten är en Rolf en rörande pålitlig krögare.”