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Punk Royale Café

5.0 • 9 reviews
Punk Royale Café

Punk Royale Café is a restaurant on Folkungagatan 128, Södermalm in Stockholm.


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26 Oct 2016 · Updated

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After the visit to the Punk Royale a few weeks back, I was of course had to try the back pocket (which is certainly the type bigger). The concept is basically the same (read my review on Punk Royale for a rich exposition), but with 11 electric 12 dishes instead of about 15-16. Today was also the foo... Show full »

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26 Sep 2016 · Updated

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Märkligt ställe - på ett bra sätt. Har inte testat maten men menyn såg väldigt rolig ut.

1 Nov 2018

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Annorlunda, originellt, galet, helt unik upplevelse, trångt, stök, rökigt, högljutt, glatt, crazy bananas.

What happens att punk royale, stays at punk royale.

Svårt att beskriva restaurangbesöket, en klassisk situation där du måste uppleva... Show full »

27 Oct 2018

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Har besökt Punk Royale cafe vid två tillfällen. Och jag säger bara wow! Jag älskar det. Har varit här både med min kille och nu senaste ett gäng vänner!

Här gäller samma koncept som på Punk Royale, avsmakningsmeny som är o... Show full »

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30 May 2017

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It was sunny and warm out there when we went in between two dark drapes and came into the room in the picture.

Waiter showed us to our table and asked what we want to drink. Nothing more than that.

Since it began. Crazy. It all began with a dollop of Russian caviar on top of hand (... Show full »

3 Dec 2017

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Here we have an experience! It comes in at a foggy Tavern with veiled window and loud music. The water poured out from a watering can and we get a great shot of vodka, then just stretch out your hand so will cook out and throw on a big spoonful of Russian caviar. I knew instantly that I loved this!... Show full »

16 Oct 2018

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Har inte så mycket mer att tillägga vad tidigare recensenter skrivit. Extremt härligt ställe som serverar riktigt god mat jämte alla sjuka påhitt. Gå dock inte hit om du vill äta dig mätt och samtidigt bara fokusera på matupplevelsen.

5 May 2018

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First you wonder if we really have come to the right place, then open the food up and sliding in between two sheets of encountering a totally smoke-filled rooms. The whole evening va a real experience with everything from Russian caviar on hand to friend gets naked, yes it is true! Clearly 5 stars!

24 Sep 2016 · Updated

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Smoke machines, candelabra, spoons with lobster, a beer for 40 SEK and mixed (but good) music. I've been here a few times and each visit has been unique, but there have been a few things I will take with me.

What connects all these visits is that you always get really good service. Can... Show full »