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Meno Male Kungsholmen

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Meno Male Kungsholmen

After their successful premiere in Vasastan it wasn't long before Meno Male opened up the doors to their branch in Kungsholmen. You'll find their popular Neapolitan artisan pizzas, baked for just 90 seconds, on Hantverkargatan.

Who doesn't love authentic Neapolitan pizzas? Melted mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, fluffy edges, crisp bases... Meno Male means "thank goodness" in Italian and in bringing their hot Vesuvius and other favourites to Sibirien, Östermalm and Kungsholmen the restaurant team can expect a similiar reaction among their hungry guests.

What is it that makes Neapolitan pizzas so special? Firstly, the pizza dough demands special care and attention, the flour has to be a particular, protein-rich kind and the dough needs to prove for 72 hours. After that, an imported wood-fired oven heated to 450 degrees awaits; this bakes the pizza in just 90 seconds, allowing the ingredients to retain their flavour and texture.

As well as their regular menu with classics such as Margherita and Frutti Di Mare, you'll also find some more daring combinations using ingredients such as smoked mozzarella, spicy salami and pistachio cream. If you really know what you like pizza-wise you can even create your own bespoke pizza with the toppings of your choice.

On the drinks front you can choose from beer, cocktails and sparkling San Pellegrino. The wine list includes plenty of Italian grapes and you can round off your meal with a "Starita" - fried pizza dough with Nutella.


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13 Feb 2019

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Helt underbart! Framförallt degen, det blir inte bättre!

2 Jan 2019

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Now my pizza hunting in Stockholm is really like something. It's a few times I actually appreciated eating a pizza but Meno Male has brought something new inside me.

Ordered their NDUJA 160kr with tomato sauce, provola (smoked mozzarella), NDUJA (spicy salami), Tryffelsalami, spruce P... Show full »

16 Mar 2020

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Provade deras Margarita en sen lördaglunch och den var grym! Härligt bränd och gudomlig deg. Hundra gånger bättre än kvarterspizzerian och väl värd den extra promenaden på 10 minuter! Dessutom billig då den kostar 100 kr. Absolut bästa pizzan... Show full »

31 Oct 2018

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Chilly Delicious pizzas! The room is neat and fresh. The only thing that pulls down the grade is that the service felt quite stressed and that the order itself felt a bit too much as in a lunch room where everything should go very quickly.

Listed in: 🍕 Finpizza
10 Feb 2019

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Celestial Goa Pizzas, think the gluten free is top class in Stockholm. Crispy with fluffy. The place itself is no big shot, so you can bring the pizza home. The food is better than a third, but the grade is pulled down by the rather dull room.

8 Feb 2018

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Did not get quite the same feeling or taste as the original at roslagsgatan. Cruelly good of course, but the expectation is high after countless visits to sibling. Then if it's worth a detour to eat in instead, I don't know really. Will surely come here again soon and give it another chanc... Show full »

2 Aug 2018

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Älskar napolitanska pizzor, men tycker inte dessa når hela vägen upp. Storfavoriten är 450 Gradi på Lidingö, men vill gärna hitta ett närmre alternativ. Ätit här två ggr, tycker pizzan har en bränd smak även på ställen dä... Show full »

10 Mar 2021

Undercooked pizza, indecent presentation, don't care staff. Avoid at all cost.

15 Mar 2019

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Fantastiska pizzor, tar mig tillbaka till Italien ... dessutom underbar personal, ljudligt & stimmigt med precis rätta italienska touchen! Härligt & avslappnat häng!

19 Jan 2018

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Bästa pizzan i stan. PUNKT.