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Le Rouge

4.3 • 10 reviews
Le Rouge

Le Rouge pays homage to turn-of-the-century Paris with rich velvet decor and gold detailing à la Moulin Rouge. Its vaulted ceiling and candlelit interior sets the tone for a romantic evening.

With emphasis on organic and sustainable practices, the menu features predominantly salmon and entrecote. Guests choose from a range of sides, salads and condiments, the idea is to mix and match flavours to create your own dish. Food is complimented with an extensive, yet affordable wine list.

Le Rouge has a distinguished history, and is run by Bockholmsgruppen. Österlånggatan 17 just next door is also part of the family.


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Jag skulle nog vilja påstå att le rouge är den mest romantiska restaurangen i Sthlm, om inte annat en av de mest mäktiga rent lokalmässigt. Moulin rouge-miljön är en 10 poängare och maten går även den i samma klass med fantastiska råvaror. H... Show full »

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Has tested Le Rouge a few times with different companies, but they have not stuck to the place or the food.

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The venue is absolutely stunning and the food from all parts of the menu followed expectations that followed. Funny niche and fine to mix the different accessories, especially if the company is larger.

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I love Le Rouge with its Moulin Rouge feeling!
Down in the vault is the sultry lighting, very red velvet and great atmosphere. The food is French but with a more modern twist. Always tasty and well-cooked. Whatever you choose from the menu is good!
I recommend to have a drink at Le Bar befo... Show full »

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It was a couple of years ago I was here now but would definitely be able to imagine to visit again soon. Cool environment and you have not been here, I would say that only the environment is worth a visit. I'll be honest, I don't remember the quality of the food which I would think means t... Show full »

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Cosy and happy. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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High expectations ended in a quite heavy, empty feeling. Entree fillet of char with accessories. The flavors were sprawling and didn't fall together into one unforgettable taste experience. Entrecon was välstekt but was served on cold plates, which says most of it. Accessories such as the... Show full »

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Mysigt, väldigt gott och supertrevligt.

Reviews in the press

4 out of 6 · Nöjesguiden · 2016-01-19

“Nu mer kvarterskrog än någonsin tidigare. ”

4 out of 5 · Aftonbladet · 2013-03-01

“Det var en gång en gravid, en matallergiker och en "normal", som skulle gå ut och äta en kväll. Resultatet från köket var oklanderligt. De välstekta lammkotletterna var fortfarande möra, femrättersmenyn förlorade inte på visst bortfall så som chokladen till de lövtunna mangobitarna till dessert.”

4 out of 5 · DN Krogkommissionen · 2010-06-11

“Bensprattel och strumpeband i all ära. Men maten i sig ger KK skäl nog att redan längta tillbaka.”

5 out of 6 · SvD Mat & Vin · 2007-12-28

“Le Rouge är en upplevelse snarare än ett stamhak. Men som sådan är den innerlig och kan definitivt återbesökas.”