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Dogfood is a restaurant on Luntmakargatan 63, City/Vasastan in Stockholm.


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20 Sep 2018

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I'm no jättesucker for sausages, although I like it of course. In addition, it feels like the hype has been totally absent for Dogfood. Don't think I've heard a single person eating here. And with the disappointment from the box (the same owner all three) fresh in memory as the i... Show full »

21 Sep 2018

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Jag gillar korv och hoppades verkligen att det hade kommit ett komplement till Günters, Östermalms Krovspecialist och de ungerska korvarna på Hötorget men jag kände inte att Dogfood levde upp till den nivån. Ev. hade jag för höga förväntningar elle... Show full »

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24 Jan 2017

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