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Bun Meat Bun Farsta

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Bun Meat Bun Farsta

Bun Meat Bun in Farsta started out as a popular pop-up joint and quickly became a permanent alternative to the city centre's new hamburger restaurants. "Fast casual" is the concept here - well-made fast food served in relaxed surroundings. Their hamburgers are cooked according to the smash technique, where the meat is pressed down onto the frying surface so that the burgers are flat with a delicious crispy surface.

Since Bun Meat Bun's first restaurant opened in Farsta Strand in 2014, burger fans have travelled right across the city to eat there. The restaurant is owned by two enthusiasts with a mission to serve simple, tasty, high quality hamburgers - a concept which quickly became a great success. They serve hamburgers made from fresh, coarsely ground chuck beef in light, airy premises at the far end of the green underground line, decorated wtih grey industrial stools and pea-green sofas. Each burger is made to order and served between American-style potato bread buns baked every day in a local bakery. You can combine your burger with thin French fries and homemade milkshakes made from ice cream from Lejonet & Björnen. Anyone who prefers a green alternative can choose the vegetarian hamburger with portabello mushroom.

Bun Meat Bun isn't just a place for dyed-in-the-wool burger fanatics. Groups of friends and families are all welcome here, whether you're in a hurry or want to sit down to eat in peace and quiet. The restaurant has 30 covers, and if you don't live in the area (and don't drive), the commuter train and underground are close by.



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2 May 2019

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I can almost feel a little sorry for the Bun Meat Bun gang. Just a few years ago, before Bastard Burgers opened their restaurants and completely blew me off the chair with their burgers, so I had loved this! But now they have to see themselves beaten in several ways by their new competitors. ... Show full »

31 Oct 2018

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Awesome Burger. Tastes like heaven. Their bread is like a cloud. Good pommes clearly top 3.
The venue is Mini, like a kiosk. Fits better as take-away

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19 Sep 2016 · Updated

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Vansinnigt goda burgare!!

5 Aug 2019

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Riktigt goda och prisvärda hamburgare ett måste!

5 Oct 2018 · Updated

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Mina favoritburgare! Portabello-burgaren är perfekt knaprig och serveras med frasigt bröd och fräscha tillbehör. Gillar detaljen hur de alltid paketerar burgaren så fint och omsorgsfullt. Cheese fries är en hit men även de vanliga är riktigt goda.

29 Apr 2015

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Just got home from my second visit to the Bun Meat Bun and is totally convinced that this is one of Stockholm's best burgarställen. Cheap it is, but it should almost be given with this situation (type a common residential area in Farsta). Burger, served double standard, is flavorful and ju... Show full »

3 Jun 2018

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Vad är det jag älskar med BMB? Enkelt... allt!

Inte långt efter att min passion för burgare startat så trillar jag in på något som heter Kickstarter, plötsligt ser jag bilder på en simpel restaurang och sköna foton på hamburgare... Show full »

29 Nov 2019

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Slurp! Jag tar alltid bbq varianten o sötpotatisfries! Levererar topp varje gång!

22 Dec 2014

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Svinsoft burgarhak, maybe not the most pleasant place but really good Burger. The meat scraps (pieces) is thin and lightly fried, because they usually have 2 pieces, and it gets really good actually. Estimated also that they were not so Lady like on ex Prime Burger, these could actually hold in your... Show full »

19 Sep 2015 · Updated

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Bun Meat Bun ("BMB") is slightly different from the other in the wave of hamburger restaurants that washed over Stockholm in recent years. It's easy and very good. BMB is trying not to deliver a menu of umpteen different burgers and shakes, but has a solid selection of four burgers an... Show full »

27 May 2016

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Bra mat och känns som att de bryr sig mer om maten än andra