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Quality German beers and homemade sausages served in classic beerhall surroundings. This beer and sausage joint is inspired by the Bauhaus style of the 1930s, mixed with a modern pub feel.

Keen beer drinkers can sample a range of German and other European beers on tap, including Berliner Kindl, Bitburger, Jever, Gaffel Kölsch and Schöfferhofer. Wines and snaps also come from Germany and the menu includes authentic rustic dishes from various German regions, such as homemade wurst and Wiener schnitzel. The open locale combines wooden panels, exposed brickwork, tiles and long communal tables to create a hip combination of Thirties aesthetic and modern pub culture.


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2 Feb 2020

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Hade jag kunnat ge 3.5 hade jag gjort det.

Ibland tröttnar jag bara på svensk och amerikansk hantverksöl, brittisk ale och stout och vill bara klämma en tysk lager (eller kanske weiss) och då funkar alltid Bierhaus. Den tyskstompiga maten är också ett t... Show full »

2 Jul 2018

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Came here because I was craving schnitzel and was not disappointed! This was served good Wiener schnitzel. No typical American with French and beasås (although it is really good). It felt authentic. Nice staff too.

5 Jun 2018

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Up and down. Sometimes smiling and other times a little tough or messy. Surprisingly good food.

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22 May 2015 · Updated

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Go krov and go German beer.

Quality commute really. Sometimes the food is good and the staff is great, the atmosphere lovely, but sometimes I feel tired, the staff, the food tastes and mood breathes tourist trap. However, one thing that is stable is their beer assortment.

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31 May 2015

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I have eaten at the Bierhaus once and even stopped by for beers at one more place. Sure they live up to the name, they have an eye on their beer and good food at reasonable price. Although this is a beer Hall so I experienced last I ate there that the volume perhaps were high.

1 Jun 2015

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Here I go and take a Weissbier and JAWS Currywurst, as also found in the vegan version. Some high volume some times, but very nice.

27 Oct 2016

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A disappointment, Die Haxe was crusty on the outside and too little grilled in the middle. Our company wanted to end with Apple strudel but it was unfortunately final. The planning has to when one of two desserts are out already at 20?

Reviews in the press

3 out of 5 · Aftonbladet · 2014-03-21

“Nya Bierhaus är ett välkommet inslag till stans kulinariska mångfald.”

3 out of 5 · Metro · 2013-11-15

“Bierhaus bjuder på smak av hippt Berlin.”