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4.9 • 13 reviews

"A great meal at a restaurant does not need to be complicated. But it needs to be indescribably good." So reasons Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman, the chef duo behind the super-hyped Adam & Albin Matstudio, which underwent a transformation in 2016 and was realised in Adam/Albin.

The ambitious restaurant boasts about fifty seats and their dedication to food, service and drink are very apparent. The kitchen is in close proximity to the dining room and the bar is strategically placed in the centre of the premises to heighten the sense of intimacy. The idea is that the experience should feel animated, engaging and modern at the same time. Meal prices are set but the guests themselves choose what they wish to eat.

In conjunction with the opening of Adam/Albin, Tvätteriet was simultaneously added next door. The venue previously housed a dry cleaner, hence the name (The Laundromat). Cooking classes and customised private events are held here. During the day lunch is served to guests in the form "comfort bowls". The offering ranges from noodles to salads and stews with emphasis on greens.


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Adam L.
Oskar S.

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Oh my. A taste experience without being too "tricky". Incredibly good, relaxed, responsive and personal staff. Heart and offered in the kitchen. Couldn't be much better of a restaurant that is not located on a AA + mode. Spring and book. For real!

Linnea K.

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Om det var bra? Japp! Om jag kommer tillbaka? Utan tvekan!

Adam & Albin var den restaurang som en rätt samstämmig kör rekommenderade när jag bad om tips på "fine dining till ett rimligt pris". På plats tog vi oss igenom totalt fyra rätter v... Show full »

Richard S.

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I have eaten both dinner and nudelluncherna here and often come back. Better noodles are difficult to find anywhere else. The staff is very humble and friendly which makes the atmosphere is a bit "at the home of friend" feel. Wish they served the noodles in the remaining hours.

Maud E.

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Helt fantastisk matupplevelse både för öga och gom! Blev bjuden av min son i måndags 6/3. Skulle gärna vilja ha menyn skriftligen! Tack! Mvh Maud

Fredric E.
Niklas E.

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Kliver in i en restaurang som är smakfullt inredd, samt har öppet kök och barliknande bord i mitten där man sitter bredvid varandra och äter. Längs kanterna i restaurangen är det klassiska bord.

Personalen är trevlig och välkomnar på ett sä... Show full »

Malin S.

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It's surprising what Adam & Albin achieve with otherwise fairly boring noodles. When I in lunch there last week, it was really a treat, and then I had really high expectations.
However, I had expected that it would be a bit more soppliknande, but just the right I took with salmon w... Show full »

Camilla A.

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I recommend anyone who hasn't been on Adam & Albin to go here and eat lunch. Nice, energetic atmosphere and really good food that also feels fresh:)

Fredrik F.

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This review is based entirely on Adam & Ijan lunches that can be summarized like this: sick good!! The place is incredibly nice, like coming into the kitchen at the home of someone. Costs more than a "regular" lunch but then it's also horrible good!

Lennart S.

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As a powerbalad. Leaving behind a longing back.

Mario G.

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Eat your lunch on Adam & Albin if you get the chance. Magic! Was in good time, otherwise you may be without a seat and have to wait. The staff is nice and attentive. Everything worked well for it with tricky allergies!

Joel T.

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Was told that I would eat noodles for lunch and thought my friend lost his mind but oh so wrong I was. All the experience they managed to get in this dish was amazing. The noodles were a perfect basis for this cavalcade of perfect balance between oxkind, fresh tomatoes, cilantro and a host of other... Show full »

Reviews in the press

6 out of 6 · SvD Mat & Vin · 2016-10-14

“Allt stämmer på Adam/Albin – ljudnivån, vinlistan (vi är nära att tycka att det är alldeles lagom med en tusenlapp för en flaska Meursault efter ett inledande glas champagne), personalen, miljön, musiken – ja, den alltigenom behagliga stämningen.”

5 out of 5 · DN Krogkommissionen · 2016-09-22

“Krögarna på Adam/Albin lyckas med konststycket att kombinera fine dining med kvarterskrogsmys.”

5 out of 6 · Nöjesguiden · 2016-08-08

“I övrigt är det svårt att se hur Adam/Albin inte skulle få sin första stjärna inom en relativt snar framtid. ”

4 out of 5 · Metro · 2016-06-10

“Det som verkligen blåser min hjärna är dock sparrisrätten: grillad sparris med bakat ägg, tryffelkräm på en bädd av syrat, rundkornigt ris.”