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Oxid appeals to a wide audience and boasts a welcoming ambiance, despite its close proximity to the exclusive clubs of Stureplan. Here you don't need to know someone, who knows someone or pay admission to get in. There's no designated dance floor - the whole venue is the dance floor.

Forget the stiff formality of Stureplan; this inclusive club is both intimate and familiar drawing a wide audience from the age of 22 and up. If you're one for themed parties, then this is the place for you: the offering includes après ski, Halloween events and more. Oxid serves a simple, reasonably priced menu before the festivities begin just before midnight.

A word of advice: as the venue small, on busy nights it can easy get quite cramped - so be sure to get there before midnight.

Entry: free
Age limit: 22

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4 Oct 2018

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Here I stopped not long... but it was just not in my taste. Have many friends who like this place but I stopped no more is 20 minutes. Do not really understand the concept? Does not feel really like a club but not as a mingling place... but maybe it is the idea? But for me it was the most music that... Show full »

6 Nov 2018

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Not a bar in my taste, crowded and messy.

10 Mar 2020

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Roligt ställe, hög volym, mycket folk och fullt ös.
Inget ställe om du vill mingla eller prata. Man får inte vara folkskygg eller tycka att det är jobbigt med många människor. Det är väldigt litet där inne och blir snabbt trångt! ... Show full »

29 Jun 2018

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If you want a hell cruel party, oxide is the absolute best place to go! 5 of 5 Toasters!

1 Mar 2016

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22 Dec 2019

Guards discriminate against those who don't speak Swedish, make up absurd excuses to reject entrance. Then they refuse to provide their names when confronted with the possibility of raising a complaint. My 2 cents: if you have dark features or don't speak Swedish -- this is your place if y... Show full »