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4.0 • 9 reviews

Skansen is a museum and activity on Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, Djurgården in Stockholm.


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15 Nov 2018

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Är jag den enda som tycker att Skansen är tråkigaste och mest överskattade stället. Turistfälla tycker jag. Man irrar omkring, och irrar och irrar.

Djuren.....grisar och lamm, asså människa, har du aldrig varit på landet? Dessa djur är p... Show full »

14 Sep 2018

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How cozy any time, both summer and winter. There are not many zoos that you can be on all year round. There is so much to see and do. Go around and check on all animals, do different crafts, Christmas market and even the usual market in the summer. There is really a bit of each, and much as you migh... Show full »

28 Feb 2018

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There will not be a visit to Skansen all too often, but once you are there you are grateful that there is such a place in Stockholm. A great haven where animals get to live well, you can go around for a long time, eat food in different places and enjoy nature and history. Nice in summer time but als... Show full »

27 Oct 2018

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Skansen is so hard to score correct, or even write something about. It is so big and you are there for so different reasons. Perhaps that is why I give such a good rating, because there is always something to do – for everyone.

I've been there at weddings among other things. The... Show full »

28 Feb 2019

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Djurpark och svensk historia mitt i stan. Trevlig med alla konserter och utsikten över stan.

20 Mar 2015 · Updated

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One cannot help but to love the Redoubt!
Whether you come here in the winter in the beautiful Christmas market that takes you back to Sweden in the 18th-19th century or at the spring/summer when all animals are born and Sing kicks off.
I've been at Skansen, with both boyfriend, brother,... Show full »

24 Mar 2016

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Embarrassed that I haven't written about the Redoubt but it's so easy to just focus on the new without remembering the classic and always been there.

Skansen is great to visit all year round. The Christmas market is obviously best when it is a white blanket of snow on the ground,... Show full »

29 May 2015

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I absolutely love the Redoubt! Cosy summer and winter although I prefer to stroll around among the animals, waffles and candy stalls in the summer. It is great to walk around in these rural surroundings with much preserved from the old Sweden. Skansen is a treasure located on Djurgården for yo... Show full »

7 Jul 2016

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Skansen är ett riktmärke för Stockholm och det är fantastiskt. Har djur, kultur och restauranger. Jättebra för barn familjen. Tänk bara på att det är väldigt backigt och små barn tröttnar lätt på att gå då det ä... Show full »