Where to find Stockholm's best kebabs

It's hard to beat a really good kebab - served in wraps, on platters, in salads or as a pizza topping (yes, kebab pizzas are a thing here). If you're dreaming of a hearty helping of kebab, generously topped with tasty sauces and other appropriate accompaniments, there are plenty of places in Stockholm where you can satisfy your craving. Many of the places also offer vegetarian, and in some cases vegan, alternatives such as falafel. Whether the desire for kebab hits you during the day, or the early hours of the morning, there's a kebaberie in the city for you. Follow our guide to great kebab joints in Stockholm.



Hornsbergs strand 53, Kungsholmen

”Fine Fast-Food”

Mahmut Sucakci, who also runs Lily's Burger with actor Joel Kinnamen, believes döner is the most delicious food there is after hamburgers. So he's dedicated an entire restaurant to this Turkish kebab. Ingredients are responsibly sourced and carefully prepared. Their döners are made the traditional way with grilled veal and lamb meat, freshly baked bread and crisp vegetables. Çok is a mixture of fine dining and fast food, hence the concept name, Fine Fast-Food.

M.O.A.S - Meat on a Stick

2 addresses

For kebab fanatics

Are kebabs one of your weaknesses? Then you've come to the right place, as M.O.A.S is run by a dyed-in-the-wool kebab fanatic who has travelled all over the country and beyond in the hunt for the ultimate kebab. At his Vasastan restaurant, he serves Stockholmers the fastfood favourite just as he thinks it should taste. You'll find plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, as well as a wide range of beer, wine, cava and champagne.

Palmyra Kebab

Årstavägen 57, Årsta

Famous for being the best in town

Yes, you might find a queue when you get to Palmyra Kebab - but it will be worth the wait. It's had a reputation as Stockholm's best kebab joint for a few years and many loyal customers make the pilgrimage out to Årsta when the kebab craving strikes. Expect gigantic portions and an extensive menu to choose from.

Kebab Kitchen

Valhallavägen 69, Östermalm

Kebab for lunch?

You'll find this popular kebaberie in the middle of Valhallavägen in Östermalm. It's become famous among Stockholmers as a good lunch option, when you're in the mood for kebab. Buy your favourite dish to take away and enjoy at home or in the office, or take a pew and eat in the simple premises, which has plenty of tables.

Folkets Kebab

Hornsgatan 92, Södermalm

Wide range

Wrap, falafel, shawarma or shish kebab? At Folkets Kebab on Hornsgatan you'll find all your favourites on the menu and, as well as a wide range of kebab dishes, there are plenty of vegetarian options. All dishes come with tasty salads and sides and if you can't decide on just one dish, there's also a buffet option. If you're planning a special event, they also offer catering.

Grill Inn

Stockholmsvägen 46, Lidingö

Since 1990

Grill Inn has been serving kebabs to Lidingö locals and other Stockholmers since 1990. You'll find several classic kebab dishes on the menu, along with hamburgers, falafel and other typical fastfood dishes and accompaniments. Grill Inn is a wallet-friendly options, offering portions in varying sizes.

Restaurang Kurdistan

Storgatan 66, Solna

Worth a detour

This popular Kurdish restaurant has been in Huvudsta shopping centre in Solna for several years and they're famous for their authentic kebab dishes. The menu is large, as is the restaurant itself. Drop by for lunch or dinner when you're seriously hungry - if you haven't been here before it's high time.

Le Kebab

Upplandsgatan 51, Vasastan

Innovative flavours

Le Kebab is far from a classic kebab. At Le Kebab they play with new and unexpected flavours and combinations to keep kebab aficionados on their toes. Everything is made from scratch from top-quality ingredients, and bread is baked fresh every day on site.