Where to eat vegan pizza in Stockholm

Who doesn't love pizza? One of the world's favourite dishes, it's usually topped with plenty of melted cheese - but vegans need not despair. More and more pizzerias in Stockholm are serving plant-based vegan pizzas made without any animal products. Some simply exchange dairy cheese for vegan cheese and ham for vegan "ham", while others take things a step further, creating innovative and tasty pizzas using all manner of plant-based toppings. Whether you're a dedicated vegan or just want to try something different, follow our guide to the best vegan pizzas in Stockholm.


Vegan-friendly Italian

This Italian pizza and pasta bar by Mariatorget is perfect for vegans looking for food prepared with a little extra love and care. The restaurant has a separate vegan menu filled with antipasti, pizza, pasta and desserts. Choose from ten or so vegan pizzas which can also be made with gluten-free bases.

Omnipollos hatt

Stockholm's hippest vegan pizza

Probably Stockholm's most "hipster" pizzeria (and microbrewery), Omnipollos knows a thing or two about creating innovative pizzas. Several of the pizzas on their menu are vegetarian and at least one is usually vegan - topped with muhammara, sundried olives, dates, fennel and other exciting ingredients.

Pizzeria Timone

Stockholm's largest selection of vegan pizzas

If you're looking for a wide choice, get yourself along to this neighbourhood pizzeria in Sköndal. There are no less than 27 vegan pizzas on the menu, along with vegan dips and other plant-based dishes. Their vegan pizzas are topped with vegan cheese, vegan "ham", vegan bearnaise sauce and "facon".

Crispy Pizza

"Sharing is caring"

Pizzas at this popular spot are topped with the finest ingredients and served sharing-style. This pizza/bistro serves both classic and slightly more innovative pizzas, using vegan cheese and gluten-free bases if desired. Tuck into the whole thing yourself or share with your group.

Crispy Pizza Bistro Vasastan
Crispy Pizza Bistro Södermalm
Crispy Pizza Bistro Kvarnholmen


Plant-based neighbourhood pizzeria

This popular neighbourhood pizzeria has been serving plant-based pizzas for a few years. You'll find a range of vegan pizzas topped with vegetables, vegan "ham" and "salami" - or why not pineapple, banana and curry? All pizzas can be made gluten-free if you prefer.

  • Address:
    • Oliven, Folkungagatan 86, Södermalm

Tellus Pizzeria

Vegan versions of classic pizzas

Tellus Pizzeria in Midsommarkransen draws in both locals and pizza fans from all over town who've heard the rumour about their excellent pizzas. For a simple local pizzeria, their menu is relatively extensive, with several vegan versions of classics such as Capriciosa, Margarita and Vesuvio.

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Kungsholmens Pizzeria & Deli

Vegan and gluten-free

If you find yourself in Kungsholmen with a craving for vegan or gluten-free pizza, this is the place to come. They have several vegan pizza options with vegan cheese, vegan "ham", soya mince and other green toppings. You can also order in two different sizes: either a small for one person or a larger pizza to share.