The best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm is considered to be a health conscious city; however finding scrumptious vegetarian and vegan alternatives was previously a bit of a struggle. Luckily the days of dull green leaves are long gone. Stockholm houses abundance of vibrant vegetarian restaurants and vegan joints perfect for herbivores. The word 'vegetarian' and 'vegan' no longer raises eyebrows the way it might have a decade ago. The offering is fragrant and aromatic with influences ranging from the Far East to the East coast and beyond. Our guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm lists everything from modern fusion restaurants and chic cafés to classic buffet-style eateries.

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Sally Voltaire & Systrar Åhléns City: Modern vegetarian delight
Sally Voltaire & Sytrar is synonymous with its chic retro-style pastel decor. This contemporary vegetarian concept combines deli, boutique and restaurant. The menu features predominantly vegetarian dishes and raw food, but does not only cater to herbivores.
Cuisine: Primarily vegetarian food. Serves fish and seafood but no meat
More information: Sally Voltaire & Systrar, plan 2 på Åhléns, City

Farang: Elegant Southeast Asian-vibes
Farang has added a highly ambitious vegetarian tasting menu it its unique repertoire. Exotic gastronomic food is served, perfectly adapted to suit allergies and vegetarians. The sophisticated industrial-style restaurant has a distinct metropolitan feel and the cocktail bar is a popular haunt.
Cuisine: Vegetarian (vegan) tasting menu as an alternative to meat- and fish dishes
More information: Farang, Vasastan, Tulegatan 7


Green Peas: 'Yummy Multi Ethnic Organic Vegetarian Kitchen'
Green Peas combines influences from around the world with emphasis on organic and local produce. Vegetarian and vegan food is served as well as lactose and gluten free alternatives. Enjoy healthy, yet hearty Moroccan stews, wraps and guilt-free vegetarian patties.
Cuisine: Vegetarian/vegan
More information: Green Peas, Fridhemsgatan 3, Kungsholmen

Green Peas

Mother: Sustainability and well-being
With emphasis on exotic flavours and a well-balanced diet, Mother boasts a green buffet and a wide variety of vegetarian à la Carte dishes. The offering includes vegan ramen, savoury seaweed and buckwheat pancakes and falafel with sheep milk cheese and corn bread. Wash it down with your choice of organic wine or cold-pressed juice.
Cuisine: Emphasis on healthy, vegetarian alternatives
More information: Mother, Mäster Samuelsgatan 19, City


Pepstop: Vegan and raw food
This contemporary vegan concept highlights the importance of organic produce and unprocessed food without additives. Pepstop's menu boasts trendy cold-pressed juice cleansers, salads, chia pudding and raw brownies. The deli-style premises are ideal for takeaway as only a few window seats are available.
Cuisine: Vegetarian, vegan and raw food
More information: Pepstop, Riddargatan 3A, Östermalm

Fotografiska: Vegetarian cuisine and photo art
The old customs building on Stadsgårdskajen is a melting pot for creatives and tourists alike and boasts stunning waterfront views. With emphasis on seasonal and organic produce the menu is predominantly green - non-vegetarians are offered carnivorous options.
Cusine: Vegetarian dishes with choice of meat if desired
More information: Fotografiska, Stora Tullhuset Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Södermalm


Chutney: Indian vegetarian cuisine
Chutney was one of the first restaurants in Stockholm to serve an all-vegetarian menu. Fragrant and exotic Indian food is served - hence the name - along with complimenting organic wine.
Cuisine: Vegetarian/vegan
More information: Chutney, Södermalm, Katarina Bangata 19

Le Nom: Vegetarian fine dining
Roslagsgatan is a foodie mecca, Le Nom being one of its most colourful additions. The sleek, sophisticated interior with vibrant hues sets the tone. The innovative menu features seasonal hors d'oeuvres-style dishes with emphasis on greens and local produce. Treat yourself to a vegetarian four-course tasting-menu.
Cuisine: Vegetarian tasting menu and dishes as an alternative to meat and fish
More information: Le Nom, Roslagsgatan 6, Vasastan

Le Nom

Martins Gröna: Hearty vegetarian lunch
This lunch restaurant combines influences from around the world serving generous portions of vegetarian food. The quaint restaurant also offers ready-made lunch boxes filled to the brim with guilt-free delights, perfect for a chained-to-my-desk kinda meal.
Cuisine: Vegetarian
More information: Martins Gröna, Östermalm, Regeringsgatan 91

Seyhmus Vegetariska Delicafé: Certified organic
This quaint little eatery boasts homemade vegetarian food made from certified organic ingredients. The generous menu is inspired by the Middle East, the offering is updated almost daily and the owner also proudly serves his own creations.
Cuisine: Vegetarian
More information:
Seyhmus Vegetariska Delicafé, Södermalm, Varvsgatan 29

Reggev Hummus & Espressobar: Hummus and pita
This authentic hummus joint is a popular haunt. Vegans and vegetarians can indulge in delectable Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus, pita and pickles. Meat-eaters are offered carnivorous alternatives. Slack your thirst with Reggev's refreshing, freshly squeezed lemonade with mint.
Cuisine: Vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes
More information:
Reggev Hummus & Espressobar, Södermalm, Ringvägen 145

Lao Wai: Vegan Chinese grub
Lao Wai boasts classic Chinese food with a vegan twist. Exotic dishes free from egg and dairy products are served in a casual pared-back setting. Well worth a visit even if you aren't a veggie-convert.
Cuisine: Vegan and gluten free
More information:
Lao Wai, Vasastan, Luntmakargatan 74

Hermitage: A culinary mix in Gamla Stan
This simple eatery fuses culinary influences from the whole world and serves an all-vegan and vegetarian buffet. Exotic, spicy flavours with an offering that largely consists of rice, pasta and couscous at an affordable pricing point.
Cuisine: Vegetarian/vegan
More information: Hermitage, Gamla Stan, Stora Nygatan 11

Govindas: Karma-free food à la Krishna
This casual Indian restaurant has embraced the Krisha movement with self-serve vegetarian and vegan dishes such as salads, soups and stews as well as exotic sweet treats - karma-free of course. The menu is updated daily. The oriental inspired decor enhances the ambiance.
Cuisine: Vegetarian/vegan
More information:
Govindas, Kungsholmen, Fridhemsgatan 22

Légumes: Mediterranean legumes
Légumes caters to wide audience with its affordable, vegetarian Mediterranean-inspired buffet. The abundance of choice and inviting outdoor terrace makes this restaurant a particularly appealing option during summer months.
Cuisine: Vegetarian
More information:
Légumes, Södermalm, Hornsgatan 80

Södermanna: Allergy-friendly and organic
This vegetarian buffet-style restaurant's dedication to organic produce is apparent. Dishes are well prepared with flavours reminiscent of the Middle East and Asia. Pile your plate with colourful, fragrant food. The homemade, affordable menu offers gluten, lactose and nut-free alternatives as well as vegan options.
Cuisine: Vegetarian/vegan
More information:
Södermanna, Södermalm, Medborgarplatsen 3, Söderhallarna

Hermans: Unbeatable views and veggies
This popular veggie-restaurant boasts of beautiful views overlooking the water and Djurgården. Excellent food is presented buffet-style, fresh out of the kitchen. Choose between hot or cold mains, bread and butter are included.
Cuisine: Vegetarian with lactos and glutenfree alternatives
More information:
Hermans, Södermalm, Fjällgatan 23 B

Kokyo: Vegan sushi
Kokyo is famous for its delectable Japanese and Chinese food. The restaurant offers an impressive array of vegan alternatives with homemade tofu as its prize number. Perfect for vegans and health-nuts.
Cuisine: Vegetarian and vegan menu as well as meat and sushi
More information:
Kokyo, Vasastan, Sveavägen 105

Babajan: 'Rustic home cooking'
Babajan is a bustling melting pot that blends worldly influences from Africa, the Middle East and Asia serving rustic homemade food. This vibrant joint is ideal for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike.
Cuisine: Vegetarian, vegan, meat, fish and poultry
More information:
Babajan, Södermalm, Katarina Bangata 75

Ho's: Popular Chinese joint
Ho's is a foodie-mecca in Södermalm and although it caters to a predominantly carnivorous audience the restaurant offers vegetarian options at an affordable pricing point. The herbivore menu features Chinese-style stir-fried vegetables as well as 'vegetarian' lamb and chicken.
Cuisine: Vegetarian menu as well as meat, poulty, fish and seafood dishes
More information:
Ho's, Södermalm, Hornsgatan 151

La Neta: Mexican fast food
This contemporary Mexican concept offers fast food accessibility and exotic flavours. La Neta caters to a wide audience and serves various vegetarians dishes - vegans look the other way - skipping the creamy, piquant melted cheese is simply not an option.
Cuisine: Six vegetarian alternatives, meat and poultry
More information:
La Neta Barnhusgatan, City, Barnhusgatan 2
More information:
La Neta Östgötagatan, Södermalm, Östgötagatan 12B

Tabbouli: Vegetarian meze
Tabbouli pays tribute to its Lebanese heritage with delectable meze, suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Choose hors d'oeuvres such as eggplant, falafel and hummus or classic tabbouli dishes and salads. Tabbouli is an accessible option as the restaurant has three locations throughout the city.
Cuisine: Vegetarian alternatives as well as meat, poultry, fish and seafood
More information:
Tabbouli City, Regeringsgatan 70
More information:
Tabbouli Kungsholmen, Norra Agnegatan 39
More information:
Tabbouli Södermalm, Tavastgatan 22


Gro: Gourmet veggie lunch
With emphasis on local and organic ingredients, Gro serves gourmet-style lunch for merely 100 SEK. The predominantly vegetarian menu offers seasonal produce. This intimate, urban concept is a popular foodie-destination, so be prepared to wait for a table.
Cuisine: Vegetarian and regular dishes
More information:
Gro, Vasastan, St Eriksgatan 67

Bröderna Olssons: For garlic fans
No dish is without garlic - the restaurants self-proclaimed mission is to make guests feel as if they've been marinated in garlic. Famous for its burgers this rock bar also serves a veggie-burger, as well as chill and halloumi noodles. The ambiance is relaxed, the portions generous.
Cuisine: Vegetarian alternatives
More information:
Bröderna Olssons Garlic & Shots, Södermalm, Folkungagatn 84

Steam: Vegan and vegetarian dumplings
Steam's dedication to eco-friendly practices is apparent. The restaurant's repertoire of steamed dumplings includes vegetarian options, the menu also features a vegan soup with tofu and seaweed and a Japanese vegan salad during the summer months.
Cuisine: Vegetarian, vegan and regular
More information:
Steam Krukmakargatan, Södermalm, Krukmakargatan 19
More information:
Steam S:t Eriksgatan, Vasastan, St Eriksgatan 118

Indian Dining: Authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine
In the mood for fragrant and colourful Indian food? Look no further, Indian Dining offers an extensive vegetarian menu with authentic and exciting flavours to pique your senses. Lactose and gluten free options are also available.
Cuisine: Vegetarian and regular with lactos and gluten free alternatives

More information:
Indian Dining, Södermalm, Folkungagatan 128

Chong Qing: Genuine and spicy
Genuine and homemade food from the Sichaun province is hard to come by in Stockholm. However, this is precisely what Chong Quing in Liljeholmen offers - authentic Chinese dishes suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Enjoy stir-fried tofu, eggplant and green beans in a traditional setting.
Cuisine: Vegetarian and regular dishes
More information:
Chong Qing, Liljeholmen, Liljeholmsvägen 8

Freshii: Healthy fast food
Eat and energise - that is the Freshii motto. This American fast food joint aims to serve its customers fresh and nutritious meals: think fibre-rich, slow-burning carbs, essential fats and lean proteins. Naturally this predominantly green eatery is a dream come true for most herbivores - the menu features green wraps, salads, quinoa bowls, and fresh pressed juices.
Cuisine: Vegetarian as well as choice of meat
More information:
Freshii, Johanneshov, Arenavägen 69

Delis and food stores
Stockholm hosts abundance of health-orientated delis and vegan food stores, some of which also serve light meals. Here are some of our favourites:

Lemuria Hälsa & Skönhet, Eat! Ekoaffären, Goodstore och Paradiset

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About the guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm
Our guide to best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm is updated continuously. If you know of a good vegetarian restaurant or vegan joint in Stockholm that we have not featured in our guide please leave a note in the comments section below. Feel free to email us at if you feel that we should add a vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm to our guide. Please let us know if you see any mistakes in our guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm.

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