The best Thai restaurants in Stockholm

Longing for distant shores, beachy vibes and exotic Thai food? Thai restaurants in Stockholm have a whole lot more to offer than the typical greasy Pad Thai. Stockholm has no shortage of eateries serving colourful curries, slippery noodles and fragrant stir-fries. Bypass the usual twinkling fairy light-adorned joints and treat yo' self to spicy coconut soups and deep-fried meats. Explore regional specialities or choose fail proof classics at our pick of the best Thai restaurants in Stockholm.

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Farang: A trip to South East Asia
Farang means "foreigner" in Thai and offers an authentic South East Asian culinary experience. Forget about greasy Thai grub, this sleek industrial-style restaurant serves innovative fusion cuisine. Order a tasting menu, which can be altered to suit allergies and vegetarians.
Price sample: Tasting menu from about 645 SEK, mains to share from about 265 SEK
More information: Farang, Tulegatan 7, Vasastan


Koh Phangan: Holiday-style
Named after the popular tourist resort, Koh Phangan offers virtual exotic escapism topped off with a jungle-like interior, complete with multi-coloured fairy lights and bamboo wall coverings. As one of the city's most established South East Asian restaurants, no list covering our picks to the best Thai restaurants in Stockholm would be complete without mentioning this gem. Koh Phangan is a super kitschy alternative to the real thing with a popular outdoor terrace to boot.
Price sample: Mains from about 153 SEK
More information: Koh Phangan, Skånegatan 57, Södermalm
More information: Koh Phangan, Nybrogatan 8, Östermalm

Sabai Soong: Award winning Thai grub
This genuine Thai restaurant started off as a fast food pop-up in 1993 and has since then become a permanent feature in Stockholm's culinary landscape. Sabai Soong serves genuine and fragrant food - so authentic that the Thai Embassy honoured them with an award in 2007. Sabai Sabai Spa and Jai Thai Food are also part of the family.
Price sampleMains from about 129 SEK
More information: Sabai Soong, Linnégatan 39B, Östermalm
More information: Jai Thai Food, Kammakargatan 44, City

Elefantpojken: Bustling bar with surprisingly good Thai food
Elefantpojken could easily be mistaken for yet another slovenly joint, however the restaurant serves surprisingly good and affordable Thai food. Generous half and whole portions are served along with vegetarian options. The bar is also a popular hangout.
Price sampleMains from about 129 SEK
More information: Elefantpojken, Ringvägen 151, Södermalm

Thaiboat: On a boat
Thaiboat offers a respite from reality and slice of beachy summer paradise. The restaurant is open April through October and serves genuine, fragrant and exotic Thai food and cocktails with colourful straws to boot (maybe an umbrella if your lucky). Choose this restaurant for its laidback thematic approach.
Price sample: Mains from about 165 SEK
More information:
Thaiboat, Östgötagatan 100 (kajplats 300), Södermalm

Orkidé: A renowned classic
As one of the city's oldest Thai restaurants, Orkidé has established quite a reputation for itself. In 2012 it was named Europe's best Thai restaurant by Asian Curry Awards in London. After a recent design overhaul the restaurant now boasts a lounge-like interior with authentic fine dining-style Thai food.
Price sample: Mains from about 138 SEK
More information:
Orkidé Thai Restaurang, Medborgarplatsen 3, Södermalm

Itamae Thai Style: A quaint hole-in-the-wall
With its open kitchen and simple menu Itamae exudes authentic street food-vibes, the ideal Thai takeout joint with a small seating area. If you're in the mood for a hearty stew, wok, fried rice or noodles with abundance of vegetarian options then you've come to the right place. Mild or extra spicy – it’s up to you, let the chefs know when you order at the counter.
Price sample: From about 79 SEK
More information:
Itamae Thai Style, Norrtullsgatan 13, Vasastan

Bee's Thai Food: A popular takeout joint
Bee's is a small yet bustling joint; satisfy your Thai grub cravings with a fragrant takeout to enjoy in the park. Appealing to a diverse crowd of both novices and die-hard spice addicts. Despite its popularity the food is served hot and fast - much cheaper than that trip to Thailand you're secretly longing for.
Price sample: Mains from about 79 SEK
More information:
Bee's Thai Food, Kungsholmsgatan 40, Kungsholmen

Tjabba Thai: A culinary trip to Thailand
Tjabba Thai, located just off bustling Drottninggatan, offers exotic gustatory delights in a traditional setting. Both the lunch and à la Carte menu offers regional specialties and classic favourites. Try traditional fried Tilapia fish, papaya salad, sticky rice or why not a Thai herring dish? Obviously with a healthy dose of homemade curry paste.
Price sample: Mains from about 129 SEK
More information:
Tjabba Thai, Wallingatan 7, City

Wokhouse: Restaurant, bar and night club
This sleek Asian wok house combines Thai-inspired dishes with a bar, ideal for casual hangouts with a cocktail close at hand - a popular haunt during lunch hour. Enjoy fragrant poultry dishes such as Bangkok Time with coconut milk and Phuket Town with Massaman curry.
Price sample: Mains from about 129 SEK
More information:
Wokhouse, Regeringsgatan 30, City

Noodle House: Qualitative Thai food
Forget kitschy, bamboo-clad interiors and choose this sleek sophisticated Asian restaurant. Fusing Vietnamese and Thai influences the menu offers an exciting assortment of fragrant dishes.
Price sample: From about 130 SEK
More information:
Noodle House, Götgatan 62, Södermalm

Thai House Wok: Authentic fast food Thai joint
Looking for authentic Thai food along with street food accessibility? Look no further. Thai House Wok serves fast slow food with emphasis on quality produce. This food chain also strives to reduce its environmental impact.
Price sample: Mains from about 90 SEK
More information:
Thai House Wok, Folkungagatan 110, Södermalm
More information:
Thai House Wok, Hornsgatan 67, Södermalm
More information:
Thai House Wok, Geometrivägen 3, Kungens kurva
More information:
Thai House Wok, Hantverkargatan 78, Kungsholmen
More information:
Thai House Wok, Snickarevägen 3, Sollentuna
More information:
Thai House Wok, Sollentunavägen 146, Sollentuna
More information:
Thai House Wok, Birkagatan 14, Vasastan
More information:
Thai House Wok, Nybrogatan 42, Östermalm

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