The best Italian restaurants in Stockholm

Pasta and pizza in all their glory are not the only components of Italian cuisine; it has so much more to offer. Despite Stockholm's geographical position it hosts an abundance of excellent Italian restaurants ranging from distinguished establishments where traditional homemade food is served to chic, modern eateries with an experimental edge. So as to help you navigate Stockholm's culinary offering we have created this guide to the best Italian restaurants in Stockholm.

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Pane Vino: Reminiscent of Naples
Pane Vino is a bold addition to the otherwise rather dreary neighbourhood around Zinkensdamm. The restaurant combines fine dining with a colour-popping deli and quaint outdoor terrace. With its generous opening hours, exquisite Mediterranean fare and relaxed air Pane Vino appeals to a wide audience.
More information: Pane Vino, Brännkyrkagatan 93, Södermalm

Pane Vino

Trattoria Montanari: Tribute to Italy
This popular family-run restaurant pays homage to traditional Italian fare, fusing regional influences from Le Marche on the east coast of Italy. The food is simple and fragrant, the venue small and bustling.
More information: Trattoria Montanari, Grev Turegatan 56, Östermalm

Trattoria Montanari

Pane Fresco: An urbanite's Italy
Ex-boxer, Paolo Roberto's first restaurant in Åhléns City fuses ristorante, gelato parlour and espresso bar. Pane Fresco pays tribute to Southern Italy with genuine Neapolitan pizzas and traditional pasta dishes. This family-friendly concept is a welcome and fragrant addition to the shopping centre.
More information: Pane Fresco, Klarabergsgatan 50, City

Pane Fresco

Den gamle och havet: Italian di mare delicacies
Den gamle och havet, roughly translated to the old man and the sea, specialises in Italian frutti di mare delicacies. Classics such as scampi, butter-fried sole and scallops are served. However, the menu also features excellently prepared meat and poultry. The rustic, candlelit interior sets the tone.
More information: Den gamle och havet, Tulegatan 27, City

Den gamle och havet

Esperanza: Homemade à la Tuscany
This charming restaurant is testimony that Drottninggatan's reputation as a tourist trap is no longer accurate. Esperanza serves delectable homemade gnocchi and Italian entrées with fragrant sides. The restaurant's interest in wine is apparent, they work with closely with a small-scale producer in Tuscany and offering is extensive. Candlelight enhances the ambiance.
More information: Esperanza, Drottninggatan 77, City


Un Poco: A culinary trip to Italy
Choose Un Poco for its relaxed, familiar atmosphere and impeccable cuisine. The predominantly Italian menu offers a Swedish twist with local ingredients, bordering on fine dining yet at an affordable pricing point.
More information: Un Poco, Karlavägen 28, Östermalm.

Döden i grytan: Distinguished old-school Italian
This classic neighbourhood restaurant focuses on traditional home-cooked Italian fare. Aromatic, generous portions are served à la your boisterous Italian grandmother, perfectly complimenting the quaint, rustic decor. For dessert, a delightfully refreshing sorbet – there is always room for a frozen treat.
More information och bilder: Döden i grytan, Norrtullsgatan 61, Vasastan

Döden i grytan

Il Tempo: Italy meets New York
This Italian tavern has been a popular hangout since the 90's. The kitchen fuses rustic Tuscan flavours with metropolitan influences. A wood fired pizza oven in the middle of the restaurant off sets the red art-deco style wallpaper.
More information: Il Tempo, Högbergsgatan 40, Södermalm

Trattorian: Genuine Tuscan charm
Trattorian is a Tuscan-style tavern with impressive waterfront views on Norrmälarstrand. With emphasis on local and organic produce, the kitchen serves fragrant, slightly rustic Italian food. Fresh pasta is made on-site everyday, cured meat hangs from the ceiling; the cosy atmosphere is enhanced by candlelight.
More information: Trattorian, Norr Mälarstrand, Kajplats 464, Kungsholmen

Garage del Gusto: Farm-to-table
This cosy Italian restaurant houses an organic deli and wine bar. Inspired by Tuscan cuisine hearty dishes are served, complimenting the colourful candlelit interior. Homemade organic pasta is not only featured on the menu but is also available for purchase.
More information: Garage del Gusto, Västmannagatan 54, Vasastan

Garage del Gusto

Villaggio: Casual luxury
This elegant Italian restaurant's menu features aromatic pasta dishes, risotto and meat with complimenting wines. The interior seamlessly translates the sophisticated air with leather chairs, white tablecloths and bistro-style lighting. The outdoor terrace is a popular addition during the summer.
More information: Villaggio Grill Italiano, Skeppargatan 16, Östermalm

Villaggio Grill Italiano

Hosteria Tre Santi: Since the 1990's
This genuinely Italian restaurant is a classic institution and has been in business since 1990. In addition to excellent Italian cuisine the restaurant boasts of an ambitious wine cellar as well as a wide selection of grappa. The charming décor and friendly waiting-staff enhance the ambiance.
More information: Hosteria Tre Santi, Blekingegatan 32, Södermalm

Hosteria Tre Santi

Grappa: Scandinavia's largest selection of grappa
This modern reworking of a classic Italian restaurant offers Scandinavia's largest selection of grappa, as well as pasta, pizza and a fine selection of meat and poultry dishes. The sophisticated black decor is punctuated with vibrant shades of red.
More information: Grappa Matsal & Bar, St Eriksgatan 86, Vasastan


Taverna Brillo: Sleek all-inclusive concept
Taverna Brillo's contemporary concept combines bistro-style restaurant, bar and deli. The Italian influences are apparent with aromatic dishes, artisanal pizza and homemade gelato from the on-site ice cream parlour. The deli sells Italian specialities such as charcuteries and freshly baked bread. Opt for a casual dinner in the lively bistro or takeaway.
More information: Taverna Brillo, Sturegatan 6, Östermalm

Caina: Luxurious hotel restaurant
Caina located in five-star Nobis Hotel is modern reworking of a classic, the atmosphere is intimate complete with white tablecloths and checkered floor. Traditional Italian fare with a contemporary twist and the finest ingredients is served.
More information: Caina, Norrmalmstorg, Östermalm

Bambino's: À la Little Italy NYC
Lifestyle concept, Tolv Stockholm houses numerous restaurants, Bambino's is one of them. This charming tavern pays tribute to its Little Italy NYC heritage with colourful 50's retro vibes and family-style dining. Classic Italian fare is served à la your boisterous Italian grandmother perfect for sharing.
More information: Bambino's Great Italian Eatery, Arenaslingan 6, Globen


La Famiglia: A romantic classic
Candlelit tables, red and white checkered tablecloths and rustic wooden detailing - what could be more romantic? The atmosphere at La Famiglia is intimate and unpretentious, the menu authentic. The popular restaurant appeals to a wide audience, ranging from couples to families.
More information: La Famiglia, Alströmergatan 45, Kungsholmen

La Vecchia Signora: Charmingly authentic
Le Vecchia Signora, which translates to the old lady, is a charming, candlelit restaurant that serves authentic Italian fare from the Piedmont region. The food is exquisite, the wine list extensive and the atmosphere is both intimate and relaxed.
More information: La Vecchia Signora, Åsögatan 163, Södermalm

Buco Nero: Trendy and immensely popular
Buco Nero is the result of neighbouring Caffé Nero's decision to expand. The restaurant combines on-trend concrete walls with modern leather sofas, opulent details and red accents. The open kitchen allows guests to observe the chefs at work, creating genuine Italian fare.
More information: Buco Nero, Roslagsgatan 4, Vasastan

Italiano Papà: Genuine trattoria-vibe
Italiano Papà is a slightly more casual, spirited alternative to its sibling, Italiano Ristorante round the corner. The menu features traditional home-cooked fare with lactose and gluten free alternatives and an impressive wine list.
More information: Italiano Papà, Riddargatan 9, Östermalm

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