The best hamburger joints in Stockholm

This American fast food classic has received a fair deal of bad press over the years. However its somewhat tarnished reputation has been redeemed in light of all the gourmet-style burger joints that have popped up lately. Stockholm has embraced this trend and houses an abundance of great hamburger joints, retro-chic diners and NYC-cool eateries. A juicy medium-rare burger, freshly baked brioche bread and crispy French fries washed down with a creamy milkshake - what could be better? So as to help you peruse the offerings we have created this guide to the best hamburger joints in Stockholm. Be sure to check out our guide to restaurants in Stockholm that serve amazing hamburgers as well.

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Phil's Burger: Delectable fast food
Phil's is a declaration of love to hamburgers. This upscale-burger joint combines industrial bistro-style sensibilities with homemade charm. Everything from the burgers, brioche bread and French fries to the ketchup and coleslaw is homemade. The selective menu offers vegetarian alternatives and classic milkshakes for dessert.
Price: About 98-130 SEK (sides about 20-35 SEK)
More information: Phil's Burger, Fleminggatan 49, Kungsholmen
More information: Phil's Burger, Sandhamnsgatan 1, Östermalm
More information: Phil's Burger, Birger Jarlsgatan 34, Östermalm
Mer information: Phil's Burger, Sundbybergs Torg 1, Sundbyberg

Phil's Burger

Gnarly Burger The Restaurant: The real deal
The restaurant was opened after Gnarly Burger's initial food truck success. Authentic street food with emphasis on quality and the finest ingredients is served. The extensive menu offers showstoppers such as the signature Gnarly Burger with cheddar, 'Spicy BBQ Bacon' and 'San Francisco' with guacamole - with Americana influences are apparent.
Price: About 169-179 SEK, sides about 29-49 SEK
More information: Gnarly Burger The Restaurant, Roslagsgatan 20, Vasastan

Gnarly Burger

Burgers & Beer: Authentic Americana-vibes
The name is pretty descriptive; this joint has tapped into the Americana fast food trend. Choose between simple ground beef burgers or pique you senses with exciting flavours. Gluten free options are available.
Price: About 94-128 SEK, double +34 SEK, original fries about 35 SEK
More information: Burgers & Beer, Rörstrandsgatan 11, Vasastan

Burgers & Beer

CGs Streetfood: Worth a detour
CGs is an ambitious fast food joint that is well worth a detour to the suburbs. Apart from classic ground-beef burgers, the menu features fried shrimp, tuna melts and chicken wing sides as well as an extensive milkshake menu from the milkshake bar.
Price: Original about 89 SEK, double about 119 SEK
More information: CGs Streetfood, Sunnanängsvägen 1b, Danderyd

CGs Streetfood

Supreme Burger: Organic burgers in Solna
This family owned burger joint in Solna focuses on ambiance and delectable burgers made from organic and locally produced meat. Add your choice of cheese-sprinkled fries; shoestring, 7mm or chips and a variety of sauces to be washed down with an indulgent milkshake or beer.
Price: About 95/115 SEK, fries about 25 SEK
More information: Supreme Burger, Solnavägen 55, Solna

Supreme Burger

Flippin' Burgers: Popular Americana-classic
Flippin' Burgers is worthy of its much-hyped reputation, guests have eagerly lined up outside the premises since opening. The menu is selective; offering six different burgers, including one vegetarian alternative, with freshly-baked organic buns (gluten free bread is also available) and an optional side of fries. Got a sweet tooth? Don't miss the extensive ‘Shakes & Floats’ menu.
Price: about 100-125 SEK, fries about 35 SEK
More information: Flippin' Burgers, Observatoriegatan 8, Vasastan

Vigårda: Gourmet fast food
Vigårda combines gourmet sensations and fast food convenience. The charcoal-grilled 'Original' burger is an affordable version and is served with a salad and side of fries for a mere 75 SEK. The '24h Piggham', similar to a pulled-pork sandwich is well worth its 85 SEK. With its selection of artisanal beers at a generous pricing point, Vigårda is a popular hangout during the evening.
Price: About 75-95 SEK including a side and salad, plus menu + 20 SEK
More information: Vigårda Barbeque, Norrlandsgatan 13, City
More information: Lilla Vigårda, Kungsgatan 25 (K25), City


Prime Burger: Exciting combinations and amazing shakes
With its exciting flavour combinations, Prime Burger has wholeheartedly embraced the Americana trend. Featuring reasonably priced cheeseburgers, a California burger with avocado and cream cheese as well as pulled pork versions enhanced with truffle-mayonnaise. Not quite satiated? Their shakes are sublime.
Price: About 80-140 SEK, sides about 30-55 SEK
More information: Prime Burger Company, Birger Jarlsgatan 101, Vasastan
More information: Prime Burger Company, Folkungagatan 122, Södermalm
More information: Prime Burger Company, Holländargatan 8, City

Bun Meat Bun: Farsta = burger heaven
Despite its slightly desolate location, Bun Meat Bun is worth the trip, serving casual fast food. The burgers are made using a special technique; the meat is 'smashed' rather than rolled to create thinner patties with a slight crisp. This is paired with an unusually fluffy potato bread - a dreamy combo.
Price: About 59 (small) - 95 SEK, fries about 25 SEK
More information: Bun Meat Bun Farsta, Brattforsgatan 19, Farsta
Mer information: Bun Meat Bun Söderhallarna, Söderhallarna 110, Södermalm

Barrels: Burgers and beer
This quaint burger joint in Gamla Stan is testimony to the fool proof concept of hamburgers and artisanal beer. Classic and innovative versions are served to hungry guests. The meat is organic and locally sourced.
Price: About 95-115 SEK, double ca 135 SEK, fries/haricots verts about 35 SEK
More information: Barrels Burgers & Beer, Stora Nygatan 20, Gamla Stan

Lily's Burger: Retro-chic diner
Lily's Burger is synonymous with its authentic 1950's style decor, complete with saccharine pastels and shiny leather couches. Juicy burgers, savoury chicken wings served in grease paper-lined diner baskets and creamy milkshakes are all part of its culinary repertoire.
Price: About 110 SEK
More information: Lily's Burger, Hornsbergsstrand 47, Kungsholmen
More information: Lily's Burger Nytorget, Södermannagatan 27, Södermalm

Burger & Lobster: An international success
This internationally acclaimed concept is located near Stureplan. As the name implies the menu consists of hamburgers and fresh lobster. Try the Nebraska-burger along with French fries and a cocktail or two. The bar has also made quite a name for itself.
Price: About 275 SEK
More information: Burger & Lobster, Norrlandsgatan 33, Östermalm

Burger & Lobster

Öleriet: Beer and burgers in a holy union
Beer and burgers are a classic combination - Öleriet, in Vasastan, specialises in the two. The homemade meat patties are served with fires, coleslaw, dip and corn on the cob. Apart from classic burgers with bacon and chedder, halloumi and vegetarian soy burger options are available.
Price: About 139 SEK
More information: Öleriet, Kungstensgatan 55, Vasastan


Käk: Premium fast food
Rapper Petter's fast food joint in Hornstull serves a variety of medium rare burgers including bacon, triple cheese and a vegetarian option along with fries, milkshakes and of course the obligatory beer. A simple yet tasty concept.
Price: About 89-129 SEK, fries about 30-35 SEK
More information: Käk, Hornsbruksgatan 24, Södermalm

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