Stockholm restaurants that serve game

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Are you a fan of rich, forest flavours? Game may not be something most of us eat every day, more of an occasional luxury, but game meats such as venison and moose are growing in popularity as healthier and more humane alternatives to farmed meat. Restaurants with game dishes on their menus often serve it with classic, Swedish flavours and other locally-sourced ingredients. Follow our guide to the Stockholm restaurants with a strong game game.

Knut & Knut Bar

2 addresses

From the far north

Knut and its sister restaurant Knut Bar have a passion for Norrland (Sweden's northernmost region) that you seldom find at other Stockholm restaurants. As well as their popular flatbread pizza, they serve wild meat with typical accompaniments such as lingon and chanterelles. The bar also serves cocktails made with Swedish berries.

Bakfickan Djuret

Lilla Nygatan 5, Old Town

Ambitious craftsmanship

This restaurant has a unique concept in that they serve different meats depending on what they have in that week and with a fully nose-to-tail philosophy. All their produce is as locally-reared and grown as possible and their vegetables are biodynamic. Meat is their main raison d'etre (hence the name Djuret - "The Animal") but they also serve some fish and shellfish - and, from the forest kingdom, game such as moose and forest pigeon.

Ardbeg Embassy

Västerlånggatan 68, Old Town

Forest flavours

Game takes centre stage at Ardbeg Embassy in the Old Town. The menu includes moose and reindeer meat and venison, along with traditional Swedish homecooking dishes and other classics. As well as great food, the restaurant also specialises in beer and whiskey.


Dalagatan 50, Vasastan

Timeless classics

Tennstopet is a Stockholm restaurant institution. The menu reflects Swedish seasons and culinary traditions and if you're in the mood for game you should visit during hunting season, from September to November, when game dishes are served according to availability.

Lux Dag för Dag

Primusgatan 116, Lilla/Stora Essingen

Everyday luxury

The menu at this popular restaurant on Lilla Essingen is produce-led - in other words, what's on offer depends on what's available that particular day. Lux Dag för Dag works with small producers in a sustainable way, which includes using every part of an animal. Chef Henrik Norström is a keen hunter and game makes a regular appearance on the menu.

Specialty butchers

Hellbergs FĂ„gel & Vilt

Sergelgatan 29, Norrmalm/City

Exotic selection

Hellbergs Fågel & Vilt is passionate about animal welfare. It's important to them to know where the meat they sell comes from and how the animal was treated. You'll find every possible kind of meat you can imagine in their game section, from reindeer meat and venison fillet to alligator, ostrich and kangaroo meat.

Lulles FĂ„gel & Vilt

Söderhallarna 313, Södermalm

Everything and more

Lulles has a genuine passion for what he does. At Lulles Fågel & Vilt in Söderhallarna food hall you'll find meat, fowl and game, including moose, venison, wild boar, reindeer, pheasant, grouse and other seasonal delicacies.

FĂ„gel- & Viltspecialisten

Östermalmstorg 14, Östermalm

Venerable meat merchants

You'll find Fågel- & Viltspecialisten in upmarket Östermalmshallen covered food market. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about personal service. You'll find all kinds of game and fowl, as well as ready meals and outside catering.