Guide to Stockholm's best taxi companies

The information in this guide may be affected by covid-19.

There have always been plenty of taxi companies to choose from in Stockhom, but these days there are more than ever. A handy taxi is never too far away in Stockholm, but it's important to be aware of which companies guarantee good service and reasonable prices. There are numerous taxis which try to lure in customers, by imitating more established brands for example, and then seriously overcharging. We've gone through the various operators to create this list of the best taxi companies in Stockholm. Whether you're looking for a cheap taxi in Stockholm, are heading out to Arlanda airport, want the best service or just need a cab as quickly as possible you'll find some great tips in this guide.

Taxi Stockholm

Largest in Stockholm

Taxi Stockholm is one of Stockholm's largest taxi companies and can therefore offer the city's best availability. You can count on a cab arriving quickly and all their cars are less than five years old. Taxi Stockholm is a cheap option, though not the absolute cheapest company in Stockholm. The service and quality are high and they strive to be Stockholm's most environmentally friendly taxi company. You can book via their website, but they also have a popular app.


  • Average journey, daytime: 248 SEK
  • Average journey, evening: 325 SEK
  • Between the city centre and Arlanda: Around 600 SEK
  • Telephone number: 08-15 00 00
  • Website:
  • App: Iphone, Android


Yellow cabs

Sverigetaxi, formerly Taxi 020, is Stockholm's third largest taxi company with almost 1000 cars. Their cars are instantly recognisable because they're always yellow. For the past few years they've been working hard to improve their emissions and at the time of writing 80 percent of their cars are green vehicles. The service level and accessibility are good. You can book via the internet or app.


  • Average journey, daytime: 249 SEK
  • Average journey, evening: 306 SEK
  • Between the city centre and Arlanda: Around 535 SEK
  • Telephone number: 020-20 20 20
  • Website:
  • App: Iphone, Android


For a more personal relationship

Topcab is one of the "smaller" upstarts among the larger taxi companies. The organisation is smaller than the others we've mentioned, which is also one of their strengths. They focus on a more personal relationship to their customers.

  • Average journey, daytime: 260 SEK
  • Average journey, evening: 300 SEK
  • Between the city centre and Arlanda: Around 545 SEK
  • Telephone number: 08-33 33 33
  • Website:
  • App: Iphone, Android

Taxi Kurir 

Stockholm's second largest taxi company

Taxi Kurir is Stockholm's second largest taxi company with just over 1000 cars. If you're looking for a cheap taxi in Stockholm for weekday daytime journeys, Kurir is the absolute best option according to our comparison. Kurir is known for good service and availability, with both internet and app booking.

  • Average journey, daytime: 242 SEK
  • Average journey, evening: 307 SEK
  • Between the city centre and Arlanda: Around 535 SEK
  • Telephone number: 08-30 00 00
  • Website:
  • App: Iphone, Android


Easy and innovative

The Uber app allows you to order a taxi quickly from your present position. You can track Uber cars in the area on a map, and see how long it will take for the nearest driver to get to your pick-up point. Before you confirm your booking you'll get an estimate of the price, which will be higher than the other companies, but only slightly. You register your credit card, so you don't even need to have your wallet with you. Simple, convenient and innovative.

  • Website:
  • App: Iphone, Android 


Challenging Uber

Bolt is one of Europe's leading transport apps, with Uber as their main competition. They launched in Stockholm in spring 2019. Bolt takes a 20 per cent commission, compared with Uber which takes 25 per cent.


  • Website:
  • App: Iphone, Android


Electric taxi pod

These electric three wheeler taxis, the Swedish equivalent of tuktuks, are very handy when you want to get around the city centre. The idea is that they should be as easy as an ordinary taxi and as cheap as taking public transport, as well as being completely free from emissions. You can order a Bzzt via the app, but bear in mind that they only drive within a certain zone.

  • Website: Bzzt
  • App: Iphone, Android