Castles and palaces in and around Stockholm

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There is something about castles and palaces that inspires awe and touches a gentler, more romantic side to each of us. Grand and impressive with a historic flare, Stockholm and its surrounding areas boasts an abundance of manor houses, castle-like mansions and palaces. Perfect for day trips, romantic weekend getaways and company retreats. Many of these castles offer boutique hotel comforts and opulent interiors, gastronomic culinary experiences and spa relaxation. During the winter many also serve classic Swedish Christmas dinners. Our guide to castles and palaces in and around Stockholm fit these criteria with an extravagant edge.

Görvälns Slott Restaurang & Görvälns Slott Hotell

2 addresses

Award winning boutique hotel

Görvälns Slott is an award winning boutique hotel located just north of the city. Spend a night of indulgence in a chic, fairytale-esque environment. Tickle your taste buds and enjoy a cocktail or two. On Fridays DJs set the scene for the weekend.

  • Distance from Stockholm: 25 km
  • Transportation: Car, boat or train (to Jakobsberg, thereafter walk/taxi)

c/o Häringe Slott

Häringeslottsväg, Haninge

Great Gatsby-style

In the 1930's Greta Garbo sipped champagne and enjoyed a night or two of recklessness at Häringe Slott. This luxurious 17th century castle sets the scene for romantic rendezvous and decadent festivities as well corporate get-togethers. The castle also boasts the oldest outdoor swimming pool in Sweden, Riviera-style. Get into the holiday spirit; book a traditional “Julbord” at Häringe Slott.

  • Distance from Stockholm: About 25 minutes with car
  • Transportation: Car, own boat, train and SL bus

Rånäs Slott

Rånäs Slott, Rånäs

Fair trade-certified luxury

Relax and enjoy Rånäs' 1800's elegance. The hotel features uniquely decorated rooms, several dining rooms and a spa as well as conference facilities. Want the full experience; book the luxury weekend package with extra everything.

  • Distance from Stockholm: About 50 min by car
  • Transportation: Car or SL bus

Rosersbergs Slottshotell

Slottsvägen 203, Rosersberg

Royal cuisine

Spend the night at a royal palace surrounded by lush greenery and impressive Lake Mälaren views. Rosersbergs boasts three wings for overnight stays, the kitchen blends French flavours with a historical note. Afternoon tea is also served. Book your next company do, party or Christmas event at the castle.

  • Distance from Stockholm: About 25 min by car
  • Transportation: Car or train (to Märsta, thereafter taxi or walk)

Lejondals Slott

Lejondals Allé 6

Beautiful fairytale castle

Escape the bustling city and check into Lejondals Castle, idyllically located by Lejondals Lake. Enjoy pampering spa treatments and countryside tranquillity. The castle is ideal for your next big event, corporate do or Christmas relaxation.

  • Distance from Stockholm: About 40 km from central Stockholm
  • Transportation: Car or train (to Bro Station, thereafter taxi)

Ulriksdals slott

Slottsallén, Solna

A regal retreat

The downtown proximity makes this modern 1600's castle in Solna ideal for a day trip. Get your dose of history, gaze upon the extensive art collections and wander immaculately decorated halls and botanical gardens. Enjoy a late lunch and refreshments in the quaint Ulriksdals slottscafé. Hop on your bike and explore.

  • Distance from Stockholm: About 15 min by car
  • Transportation: Car, subway (direction Mörby Centrum to Bergshamra, thereafter bus to Ulriksdals Wärdshus), bike

Taxinge Slott

Näsby 52

Nothern Europe's largest cake buffet

With its stunning Lake Mälaren views and impressive cake buffet offering 64 different kinds of delicacies, Taxinge Slott makes for the perfect ideal day trip. Come wedding season this palace is a popular choice, but corporate events and traditional Christmas "Julbord"s are also part of its extensive repertoire.

  • Distance from Stockholm: 60 km from central Stockholm
  • Transportation: Car, train or bus

Bro Hof Slott Golf Club

Bro Hof Slott

Golf by Lake Mälaren

After a dramatic design overhaul, this 19th century castle serves as clubhouse for two renowned golf courses. One of which was named the best in Sweden in 2009 by Golf Digest. The ambitious restaurant serves modern Swedish cuisine with reputable folks behind the stove.

  • Distance from Stockholm: About 30 min with car
  • Transportation: Car or train (to Bro)