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Cajsa Warg

3 reviews
Cajsa Warg

Cajsa Warg is a delicatessen and food store on St Eriksplan 2, Vasastan in Stockholm.

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28 Feb 2018

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Love Cajsa W. Feels like you have gone back in time, only to buy food in a wicker basket. The ingredients are fantastic and there is a range that is a bit more fun than ordinary shops. Expensive yes, but when you want to cost.

12 Nov 2015

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Jag älskar Cajsa Warg! Så nu har jag sagt det. Jag är ytterst tacksam över att inte längre bo i närheten av någon av de två butikerna, det blir lätt alldeles för dyrt eftersom jag vill köpa allt. All annan matshopping bleknar i jämfö... Show full »

8 Apr 2015

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I love to shop in Delicatessens. Go and look in the shelves and buying things you never tried before. Some things are familiar and others completely new and exciting. I usually buy their self-made sauces, truffle potato chips and their home-made tryffelråbiffar. It's always a treat to sho... Show full »

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