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Snö Odengatan

15 reviews
Snö Odengatan

Snö Odengatan is a café on Odengatan 92, Vasastan in Stockholm.

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6 Jun 2019

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Let me tell you what I think about the little the with the great heart!

When you come in here, I think that it is similar in style to the gelateries in Italy that I have never visited, it gives a welcoming feeling and those who work here are constantly happy. (Not seen a single sour mine,... Show full »

5 May 2019

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Megagod Ice Cream! Perfectly creamy and lots of fun flavors.
Good coffee too! Minus is that it is often long queue, but it is hardly a minus makes the owners 😂

20 Jul 2019

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Time to explore Stockholm's ice cream venues! Snow a newcomer has made the entrance, am I totally sold?

Well, it's a good gelateria something that has been missing with connection to the Vasa park. Buy an ice cream and bring! I would not sit and eat even if it is comfortable with... Show full »

24 May 2018 · Updated

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Think Snow makes the tastiest ice cream in Stockholm. Appreciate that they labor with the flavors so every time you are there there is always some new flavor to Test.
The staff were very friendly and helpful. Easy 5 stars!

13 May 2020

Not only does Snö serve the most delicious gelato I have ever had in Sweden, it also comes in generous servings, with an amicable attitude and in a genuine setting. If I could give a sixth star, I would. I love everything about this place. ❤️

8 May 2018

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Riktigt god gelato!

20 Jun 2019

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Här har jag vandrat ända längst ut på Kvarnholmen bara för att få äta den fantastiska glassen från Snö helt ovetande om att den också finns på Odengatan! Nu är det aldrig fel att promenera speciellt om man som jag vill äta mycket... Show full »

17 Mar 2020

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Supergod glass! Dock inte min favorit i stan, men absolut värt ett besök!

28 Aug 2019

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SE-VIN-GOD glass, alltså den med brynt smör och rosmarin skojar man inte bort. Sinnessjukt mycket folk, mer än gärna lokala tanter och gubbar som har svårt att respektera kösystem. Men ska en envisas med att bo i stan får man stå ut lite knuffar i sidan av... Show full »

6 Feb 2020

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Så gott! smörglassen MMMMMMmmmm

4 Oct 2018 · Updated

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My ice cream favorite in town! Good ice cream that is creamy but still not heavy.

6 Mar 2019

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Absolut bäst gelato av alla egentillverkare i stan. Krämig, häftiga smaker, bra service. Konceptet att betala för storleken på bägaren istället för antal glassorter är fan genialiskt, ta en mellan och kläm in så många smaker du vill om d... Show full »

11 Jun 2019

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Hela familj älskar glassen! Värt ett besök!

10 Feb 2019

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Bästa glassen i Stockholm!

11 Jun 2019

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Bäst i stan helt klart!
Alltid lika svårt att välja smaker, finns alltid någon ny spännande smak!