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Reload Superfood Bar

3.7 • 12 reviews
Reload Superfood Bar

Reload Superfood Bar is a café and restaurant on Sveavägen 78, City/Vasastan in Stockholm.


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2 May 2019 · Updated

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The best thing about reload is that you get big serious salads that they shake to make them mix for real. Personally, it took a while before I found my favorite mix of the selectable accessories. But gladly take along, not the world's funniest venue. Nor a big fan of their other pastries, where... Show full »

13 Dec 2018

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Really good lunch. Affordable with around 110 kr for a salad with chicken. You get To Choose lots of ingredients, and you get a lot of everything. The Chicken fillet is the biggest I've seen (two times I've taken it, the same thing both times). It goes very fast too. Perfect for take away,... Show full »

25 Aug 2018

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Reload is absolutely one of my favorite places. But would rather go to it on Sergel Street than on Sveavägen. The Staff is not so friendly and they forgot the ingredients in my salad. They were even skimpy and made smaller portions. But the taste is the same in both places and it is on top! My... Show full »

7 Jan 2019

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Stockholm's best vegan carpenter's ball can be found here and great is it too. It costs 45KR, but don't be fooled by those. If you can eat up the whole self-contact me!

I really like Reload. In my opinion, the vegan Fikan wardens among the top in Stockholm! Everything edible... Show full »

2 Nov 2018

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I really like the salads on reload. Both the finished salads and those you do yourself are good, there is a lot to choose from and you get really much of everything you choose. Something else that is positive is that the salad is mixed! God, what I'm tired of getting salads where everything is... Show full »

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1 Nov 2018

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Jag besöker Reload återkommande, och det varierar en del i service och smak. Generellt är de väldigt trevliga och tillmötesgående, speciellt han jag misstänker driver stället, men haft riktigt dåligt bemötande några få gånger av... Show full »

22 Mar 2019 · Updated

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Åt en supersmarrig egenkomponerad sallad här. Enorm portion (räcker nästan till två luncher). Smakade inte på smoothie bowlen men tyckte den såg god ut. Inte jättercharmigt kanske, men inte heller någon katastrof. Snabb service och bra priser! Helt... Show full »

21 Sep 2018

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Oavsett om du blandar din egna sallad eller väljer från den färdiga menyn är det väldigt bra och fräscha luncher.

26 May 2019

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Goda sallader som man blir väldigt mätt på!

6 Sep 2018

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Verkar vara ett väldigt populärt ställe vid lunchtid. Deras utbud ser riktigt trevligt ut, sallader, bowls, smoothies, drycker och deras raw cakes såg riktigt välgjorda ut. Tyvärr är stället på sveavägen smått kaosartat, oorganiserat, hetsig... Show full »

30 Jun 2015

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Açaí for breakfast makes for a great day with all its nutrients and it feels like eating ice cream and who does not want to eat ice cream for breakfast!

I think that me and Lily had a completely different experience, and then I didn't drank their smoothies I can not say a... Show full »

8 Dec 2015

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Good acai Bowl perfect for breakfast or lunch. A bit too matosigt for my taste in there but excellent take-with place. They must also control the up smoothieutbudet (as the mixes, if you do not ask for anything else, on Apple juice?!)