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Petite France

3.1 • 15 reviews
Petite France

Petite France is a café, bakery and restaurant on John Ericssonsgatan 6, Kungsholmen in Stockholm.


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4 Feb 2019

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Overpriced for quite ordinary food. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Looks better on the picture than it tastes. Probably not going there again.

27 Aug 2019

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Nothing innovative when it comes to food. But I like the place strongly. A French gem that is just.
Their pastries are super good. LOVE IT. Croissant was to die for! Mackan..... Give me 10 PCs to
Cor their breakfast package.
Good coffee. Usually buy with me finished ground coffee always... Show full »

6 Jun 2019

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A cozy start to this week. Breakfast at Petite France, we drove their breakfast package 😊. The breakfast was very good. Am very curious about how their dinner is, may be the next time 😍.

6 Jun 2019

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Har ätit både frukost (framförallt) och lunch (ibland) samt middag (en gång) och frankofilen i mig blir lika nöjd varenda gång. Bra tillrett oavsett bakverk eller mat och trevlig personal i helt OK lokaler.

24 Mar 2019

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Stockholms otrevligaste personal. Dem skäller ut sina kunder och rycker ifrån tallriken från ens händer. Ät inte här om ni vill ha en trevlig stund. Kommer aldrig mer gå hit!

8 Sep 2019

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Bor i området och har gått till PF sedan start, men nu blir besöken allt färre. Dålig service, personalen i kassan är spydig.
Saknar flera bakverk som förra ägaren alltid hade. Saknar den franska atmosfären!

7 Jun 2018

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Very poor Service. Treats women as young Children. Not one iota interested in having satisfied customers

21 Apr 2018
26 Apr 2019

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Fantastisk mat, skön miljö och bra service. Hit går jag gärna igen!

16 Sep 2015

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A really charming French bakery with a friendly staff who usually receives the order in French – perfect for those who want to keep the language going. Everything from a wonderfully fragrant breakfast to beautiful pastries. Noisy café with large outdoor seating and when to the water if... Show full »

12 Jan 2015

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Cosy French cafe where the highlights are their breakfast and pastries. If you like macarons, so these are also available in the colours of the Rainbow. I think the place is getting better at the spring/summer when the outdoor terrace is open, otherwise it can easily become a little crowded and stuf... Show full »

22 Mar 2019

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Här kan man få en café au lait som den smakade på 90-talet! Kom tidigt för världsagod frukost!

27 Sep 2018

Love the breakfast and the cozy ambiance. Nice staff too!

30 Jul 2018

Very expensive, some items not properly refrigerated - food poising danger! Staff doesn't like children and is generally quite rude. At these prices the food and the service need to be good! Don't go here - lot's of other options in Stockholm.

15 May 2016

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Good breakfast:(

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11 Dec 2019

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Hade tänkt att gå hit men efter att ha läst recensionerna blir det inte av. Många skriver om dålig service och otrevlig personal. Det är inte ok. Hoppas ägaren/chefen ser detta och gör något åt det! Min personal skulle åka ut med diskvattn... Show full »