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Café Foam

3.7 • 9 reviews
Café Foam

Café Foam has been around for quite some time and is a sure favourite among locals to the area. With its on-trend interior, ambitious café food and great coffee - Café Foam is well worth a visit. 

Café Foam is synonymous with its bright pink and sleek grey accents; the venue is filled with designer bar-chairs, lounge furniture and coffee tables. The interior has received recognition both locally and internationally. This café is the destination of choice for the neighbourhood's yummy-mummies and appeals to a conscious crowd as well as laptop bearing individuals. 

The ambitious café menu features large fresh sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes as well as pastries and coffee. Breakfast is served between 8-11 am on weekdays, between 11 am and 4 pm on weekends brunch is served with options such as American pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon and club sandwich. 

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Anna N.

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Åt lunch och beställde en rätt från menyn. Jag blev tillfrågad om jag ville ha bubbelvatten eller vanligt vatten och jag valde bubbelvatten och fick sedan frågan om liten eller stor karaff och jag valde stor. Flickan i kassan hällde upp vatten i en karaff frå... Show full »

Adam L.
Gustav L.

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Among the cafes in Stockholm is enough Foam my favorite. Like so many other cafes in the inner city, the prices are quite high but comparatively type Mocco keeps Foam prices down good. The environment is very pleasant with generous spaces and various tables to suit all tastes.

Fredrik J.

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Riktigt bra café. Inredningen är snygg, dock inte i kategorin "mysigt."

Charlie K.

The coffee in here is the bomb. Modern atmosphere and menu's keep me feeling young.

Rosanna F.

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Foam is a trendy and great cafe with their big like salads, valsmakade pastries and good coffee drinks. The decor is modern with their cold pink rocks and harda concrete floor and staff is happy and friendly. Here flock customers winter and summer and want to have a table at lunchrusning-get there e... Show full »

Malin S.
Kattis Z.

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Not impressed. I do not like the room was especially inviting. I most wanted to eat and go. The salad I ordered was ok but no more than that. And when an accept costs 10kr do I get sour.

Fredric E.

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Foam är ett trendigt café med sin coola inredning i färgerna rosa och grått. Jag har ätit många luncher där och blir aldrig besviken. Maten är fräsch och portionerna generösa! Jag har även provat på deras brunch vilket verkligen ä... Show full »