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A Bar Called Gemma

4.9 • 7 reviews
A Bar Called Gemma

A Bar Called Gemma on Grev Turegatan is run by award-winning bartender Johan Evers together with rising star Oscar Drigoris. From early morning until late evening they serve everything from non-alcoholic drinks to artisan cocktails and light dishes, with an emphasis on the whole experience.

Passion and feeling are the driving forces behind this cocktail bar, which is housed in the Helio coworking building near Stureplan. Guests should feel at home and experience more than simply a delicious drink in their glass. Drop by at any time, whether you want a refreshing alcohol-free drink in the middle of the day, a beer after work or a flavour-packed cocktail to kick off the evening with. The shelves behind the bar are stocked with selected spiritits and everything the team creates behind the counter is executed with the greatest care and attention.

As well as drinks, Gemma serves lunch and simple evening dishes and bar snacks. Alongside the bar itself, Gemma runs a consulting company and store which provides tips and assistance on everything from creating cocktails to arranging various events. You can delve deep into the craft of cocktail making or simply buy products and ingredients to take home with you.





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22 Oct 2019

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The last year I have been in both Budapest, Brussels and London and reflected that we in Stockholm have such a shortage of small, unique cocktail bars with table placement and high standards of drinks-the type of bars I have found when I have been abroad. Drink lovers as I am, it is something I real... Show full »

15 Dec 2019

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Intim liten bar med goda drinkar! Servicen var superbra. Här känner man sig välkommen så fort man kommer in. Personalen hejar när man kliver in och visar vart man ska sitta. De har koll och tar hand om gästerna.

Drinkarna var goda! Hit går man om man ä... Show full »

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30 Nov 2019

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Vi testade ett drinkställe på Östermalm, ett lite krypin som var svårt att hitta. Jag hade gps men missade ändå ingången🙈. Jättemysigt ställe och skön stämning. De har väldigt goda drinkar och du får bra service från bartend... Show full »

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4 Sep 2019

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Magiskt 👌 stämningen, personalen, servicen och framförallt drinkarna! Hit kommer vi fler gånger!

6 Jun 2019

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Wonderfully tasty drinks with great service!

16 Jun 2019

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Really nice place, charming and good bartenders. The drinkers are top notch:)

9 Dec 2019

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Vad söker man i en cocktailbar ä? Man söker goda och cocktails med omtanke och som får en att vilja ta en till sipp. Man söker personal som vet vad de pratar om, som osar erfarenhet, värme och glimten i ögat. Man söker en plats man känner sig välkom... Show full »

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31 May 2019 · Updated

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Äntligen en liten, personlig och intim cocktailbar. Drinkarna är i världsklass och man får lära sig allt om dryckerna om man frågar. Ett extra plus att allt som finns går att köpa med hem. Coolt koncept. Kommer bli mitt nya stammis ställe i stan.

21 Jun 2019

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