About Thatsup

Thatsup is Sweden’s biggest restaurant and lifestyle guide. You’ll find the very best of everything our major cities have to offer, whether you’re looking for restaurants, hotels, concerts, activities or almost anything else. Our editorial team works hard to find and report on the cities’ very best places and events. Our community also makes a huge contribution through reviews, lists and much more.

Thatsup’s foundations were laid back in 2008 when our CEO, Adam Linders, together with our CTO, Fredrik Jungstedt, and Richard Stiller (company director) started the entertainment blog WhatsupSthlm as a side project. Seven years later we launched as Thatsup. We like to call ourselves a startup because startups are associated with young people, fast growth, big ambitions, tech, innovation, scalability and other exciting things. And we started out in a cellar, of course. But otherwise we’re not really a startup anymore, as we’re well established and have been doing what we do for quite a while. If you’re interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.

Ida Berzén Ida Berzén
Community & Marketing Manager
Ida Berzén ida.b@thatsup.se 073-388 11 28
Fredric Engelbrecht Fredric Engelbrecht
Fredric Engelbrecht fredric@thatsup.se 073-324 23 26
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Account Manager
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Carolina Baldal Carolina Baldal
Redaktör Göteborg
Carolina Baldal carolina.b@thatsup.se 076-267 59 15
Ellika Henrikson Ellika Henrikson
Frilansfotograf Göteborg
Ellika Henrikson hello@ellikah.com