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Inspiration isn’t something that can be forced

”I feel inspired almost daily, my brain is always on the lookout. I find inspiration everywhere, it could be a building, a book or a person. It’s inevitable to say that new places and environments bring most inspiration, whether it’s travelling to a new destination or visiting a new restaurant. In my profession it’s important to be inspired, which can be stressfull at times. Inspiration isn’t something that can be forced, but you can’t just sit around at home waiting for it to come either. Instead, you need to do something that put’s your mind off what you’re doing, read a book, go for a walk or listen to a podcast. But, one also has to remind itself that it’s okay to not always be inspired and switched on. I love cooking, but right now I’m not feeling it - then it needs to be okay to order take away or eat instant noodles.”

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